Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sum up of christmas and the year!

Happy 200th anniversary Grimms Fairy tales!

Since finishing up University for the holidays I have been struck with a nasty virus or something typical me! 
I get to enjoy my first week off Uni with never ending snot and coughing up all my vital organs from the comfort of my bed while I sleep the days away. 
That also builders have been running around my flat bringing up the floors and magic dust trails where ever they go.
(Really nice guys trying to do their jobs tho!)

But yes this has been me the last week or so and its not been that fun not really manadged to get anything fun done. Or even be able to get back to painting and drawing my personal work again. 
My esty shop shall be forever bare I think!
But I have seen some friends and been eating lots of yummy food and this year has been tough and life changing.

 Chicken Korma with Rice and Wedges with Garlic Naan bread.

This year has been tough I have somehow been sick five times since I moved away from home. Plus money has been a big issue since becoming a student. I have been supporting not just myself but the boyfriend on the side for the past five months also because his students funds did'nt pull through till basically last week.
I dont know if this happened because I'm just really nice or a complete idiot. Probably the idiot part.
Which has not left me much money theirs only so much being independent and a part time job can do.
Felt even super guilty for taking off my first day ever off work since I started.

But in the spirit of giving and christmas I somehow have also manadged to buy all my family members christmas gifts this year. My family is pretty big so buying christmas for them all is never easy or cheap but I dont want it to be. It's always worth it to see the look on their faces when they open gifts. It's also going to be interesting to see how christmas turns out this year. 
You see half my family has stopped speaking to my parents which are the Grandparents so we have christmas at my house every year. And its all been to be honest really silly because people are to proud and stubborn to just say sorry and admit that their wrong. It's going to be sad either way cause its just not going to be the same christmas without them. 
I even still bought presents for them so I'm wondering how I'll give them their gifts.
And the sad thing is my parents are'nt going to be around forever so I wish they would just suck it up and enjoy the only time their ever gonna get with them.

Since being away at uni I've barely seen my family this year and thats been a huge step for me. I've not cried about how much I miss them since the weekly phone calls from my parents. But I'm worried I'm not being there enough for my nieces and my youngest nephew since they have been growing up with me. I want to be a good role model for them and that is a big dent in my heart that I knew I would feel when I moved away. That also trying to buy gifts for people you barely talk to anymore is seriously tricky ha ha!

Dispite money troubles I do sometimes keep a little money for myself and did spend on stuff only when I see things super cheap.

I got these boots a while ago cause I found that all the walking I'm doing back and forth to uni and all over town. My trusty flat cheap trainers just don't cut it especially for the weather and the state my feet were getting in. My feet were constantly sore and have been slowly going out of shape so I took the plunge and got a descent pair of shoes. Which is a difficult thing for me to do because I dont like spending any money on myself.

But I can't resist my love of books no matter how hard I try I love books and enjoy having them. I got these two from my many charity shop adventures and I adore them. Started reading the Watership down book and its actually amazing its like side stories about the rabbits and tales of their folk lore. Always wanted a book about witches and I'm a sucker for midevil history especially wood block prints which is how the book is illustrated. Can't wait to read this baby!

Because things were tough and depressing for me I have found people really really do care and are wonderful. As a surprise my new classmate/friend got me this deer broach to cheer me up when things were dark and pretty bad. How wonderful she knows me so well DEERS! YES! It's actually made by someone in the Jewellery department of our art uni. I'll have to find out her name it's so beautiful! I'll have to get something for my friend as well!

I have went back to drawing just a little when I find the energy and time from not being so ill. I started this piece a long time ago but its going to be special and can only work on it when it feels right. Yeah its one of those pieces.

I had so many plans and ideas for my art work and things I wanted to create and eventually sell but uni and life has made it all halt. I have no idea why I never even got around to my giveaway and I have so much to giveaway. I have became invisable on the internet as an artist and blogger once again. Maybe I'll try to get some things done over the holidays well see.

If anything I cannot wait to go home and enjoy christmas with my family this week it's going to be amazing! I do hope you all have a wonderful christmas and new years if I dont get to speak to you all before then!
Hope you have a great big dinner and get all the gifts you wanted!

Merry christmas and happy new year!
Take care

Oh yeah! incase you were wondering I still do my story book tapes on youtube. And I made it to a 100 SUBSCRIBERS! WOW! Thank you all so much guys your the best and what a wonderful gift for the new year!
Heres my favourite story for you all I uploaded recently.

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