Sunday, 9 December 2012

My friends are playing lord of the rings risk while I type this

Oh my feeling a bit better from my last post from the black pit of University work and general student life and troubles with love life.

But dispite all of this I finished my first semester at Uni and gosh I dunno how to feel. I worked ridiculously hard and I usually dont admit that kinda thing. But...I really did work hard to get all of my work done and in on time. At the same time battling with bad health and barely sleeping from stress and a part time job at weekends gah??!

I know that doesnt sound that amazing or challenging but it has been, still adjusting to the student life and living away from home since Semptember. Learned so much in a short amount of time and so much has happened. 
It's hard to sum it all up cause it all happened so quickly dont even remember it all my brain is just mush these days.

But what has happened is that

I was in five films including sound projects and my own for uni work and to help out my fellow class mates.
Not seen their films around the internet so the ones I have done are on my YouTube.
That's here if you hav'nt seen them

Time Based Art is a lot more techy based that I thought even brought up all my art materials to my flat to have them collect dust in a corner. Spar some pens, pencils, the scissors and glue for sketchbooks.

I created four sketchbooks for my project in this amount of time including one thats dedicated to basically my Granmother and her house.
Thats here

I learned that you cant rely on other people and that if you want to get stuff done including helping others you have to do it yourself. 
And that some can be very difficult and that its a given that I'm paitent and tolerant of them. Dispite this never believed it was right to speak down or be cruel to others so I dont.

But I've also learned that their truley are amazing people in the mix who you can trust, console, ask for advice and get advice in return, share your hopes and dreams and cry and laugh with them.

Being in a fully creative environment is probably one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me and I am very lucky to have got into art uni.

But I still am not sure if its were I belong yet or what I want to do with my future or where I want to be yet.

That I'm only human and even tho young I do get tired and weak and can have terrible bad days and learn harsh things.

Also my flat has became more dire the more I've been living in it and its going to get worse.

But theirs also good things that turn it around, my family shows they love me and support me by weekly phone calls.

On a terrible day back from work I got handed free fruit with kind words on them.

I saw Brave and Frankenweenie and adored them.

It's hard but Im independent with money finally in my life and I do buy what only I need a save for my rent and food shopping. 
And little treats every couple of months on the side for myself. 
(Will post soon hopefully)

Never been so happy to be able to get sleep when I can cause always tired! ha ha!

Also looking forward to christmas! still have some christmas shopping to do!

Their is a lot more their has been a lot of fighting and tears as well but its strange now knowing people read my blog in real life. It was so surreal when people come up to you and say 'oh I read your blog'. So now I talk to others in real life about my problems instead of online so much.
But I want to make my own art again and express whats been going on in life through blogging again.

The thing that hosts my images for blogger is completely full now sadly.
Thats a lot of blogging?!
So now I have to find another image host site thats free dont have the money to pay for one every month.

Now I just have my results next week for my first semester at uni and part time work till christmas happens.

Lets see how things go and can finally relax and sleep for a couple of weeks.

How are you all?
You looking forward to christmas?

take care

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