Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Where have I been?

At uni mostly doing my first projects with work and such other things. I have made a blog and been making sketchbooks and also a 24 hour film!

 Utopia blog! heres the blog if you guys are interested.
I'll try to post up some new stuff on here soon just been terribly busy and juggling, uni, work, social stuff, and family stuff.

Hey ho lets go!
Need to catch up with you all and your blogs how you guys been!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Uni life starting with research and some new make up

I cant express how busy things have been for me the past couple of weeks today I was lucky I got to catch up on some sleep! Been so tired wah!?

That's me started art uni and its been a crazy amount to take in plus with training at weekends for my new job. Its so weird to be able to talk about art and ideas without the fear of sounding like a pretentious dick!
Dunno how I feel about uni yet its to soon to tell but I do enjoy food shopping and walking around feeling independent and strong.

My first project is about looking at our everyday utopia this is a very broad subject. But been looking at different artists and their works its been interesting. If I get the time and energy I'll share some awesome ones with you guys here and on Tumblr.

Since sorting out money a little bit better I've finally been able to buy some new things for myself such as make up. These colours I thought were awesome and reminded me to much of a paint palette to resist and everything I bought was great prices.

 Still need to experiment more with make up I'm not that adventurous or talented when it comes to that area or even looking stylish for that matter.
Guess could do reviews about the products at some point once I've used them more.

As a note about this outfit I have not worn a  denim skirt in the longest time and couldn't help but feel uncomfortable once I got outside. Not because it was a bit short or that it was uncomfortable but I couldn't help but notice people leering at me once I was at the train station.
It was so strange especially men and I felt horrible like I wanted to runaway or didn't feel safe even being in a public place during the day time. Didn't think it was fair to feel that way when we should all feel comfortable and have the free will to choose what we want to wear.
Men and Woman.

I don't' want to have a debate about it because it would just go into the whole thing of rape, woman's rights, and that I'm a slut asking for attention. 
And all of the above that I see people arguing about on the internet everyday.
But its the first I've ever felt like that especially in the daytime and as normal as going to catch a train.
Its just a shame that we live in a world where we have to feel that way at times.
That not the article of clothing but others make you feel that way when were supposed to live in a country where that sort of thing is supposed to be free.

(Technically another fashion post...?)

As tired as I'am and as busy as life has become I hope the best for uni and student life. It's been so long that I have not created any personal art work in any media really. I hope uni can give me that drive again and that art can make me happy again.

Would like to say that I am ready to take on the world as a strong independent woman!
(Like above picture states)
But I do get tired and sometimes numb from day to day life and it can be hard to keep up on the internet sometimes.
And make time to be social and have fun which is what I'm lacking in a weird way.
Would like to say I have been up to more exciting stuff but basically uni during the week and working at weekends.
With relationship and domestic life in between.
Hopefully I'll have some new projects to show you guys!


How have all you guys been?
Take care

First picture
Hat: George
Jacket: George
Turtle neck: River Island
Skirt: Abbey Dawn
Wellies: Gift
Ring: Accessorize
Belt: Gift

Second picture
Dress: Dorothy Perkins (so comfy by de by!)
Leggings: Primark
Blazer: Primark
Shoes: Gift
Bag: Gift

Monday, 3 September 2012

Beatrix Potter Collection

Its been far to long overdue but yes I have Beatrix Potter. 
Collection and its been going on for about two years now.
It all started with this piece.

Its a wooden knots and crosses game and I've not looked back.

Got this one at the Lake District as a gift to myself.

For the Record most of the buys are from charity shops and 
car boots so I've barely had to pay over a few pennies or pounds for anything.

It's been a really cool little hobby and things are always coming up to add to the collection and its still growing!

Do you guys collect anything or have any hobbies as such?

Take Care
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