Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day out post: Petting zoo with nieces and good news

Things have been like a rollercoaster but in th best way possible. Everyday has been a new adventure and things are coming together slowly but surely. I have been a yo-yo from my flat to seeing my family before the busy times of University will sink in next month.

I have wonderful news though I found out last week that I got a job! 
I am now a restaurant assistant in the department store of Debenhams hoorah!
It's early days but its part time and perfect for balancing out a work commitment and when University starts.

But since my last post I have been having good times with friends, deep conversations, preparing the flat, finding out money will eventually be alright, and most importantly spending time with family which has made everything less stressful.

I went out with my nieces and parents (their grandparents) to a little local park here. 
I went there myself when I was little its a petting zoo with a playpark and cafe plus a golf club for adults. 
Its in the middle of the countryside aswell and its beautiful there.
They also do a lot of things for the environment and help and breed rare species of mostly farm animals.
It's a good family day out.

My nieces and me played in the sand pits and made a whole adventure and story for the castle.
It was very exciting and I felt so happy being a kid again and forgot my troubles for a while.

Lunch time!

 These are some of the rare breeds of ponies they have. 
They have brought back the species back from extinction with their breeding programme.

 Afro duck! Pools closed!

It was a wonderful day!
Need to go back up for the weekend for work which I'm more than happy to do.
But then home again next week and I have been making ideas for the blog and to make it more 'hip' and my attempts at making it interesting ha ha!

I have also started my sketchbook for my olmpics project.
Its coming on slowly but surely when I have the time to breathe ha ha I love being busy.

Hope you all have been awesome and enjoying your summer to!

take care


  1. yay congrats on the new job!!!!! WOOOO

    sorry we havnt been able to talk lately, i was gonna say its been busy for me, but after reading what youve been up win haha.

    hopefully we can talk soon :)

    Also, your 'pools closed' duck made me laugh out loud, i got some weird looks hahah

    1. Thanks a lot Dusty! <3

      Your support means so much! Yeahs we got to catch up briefly after this post ha ha. Yeahs things have been hectic been so tired lately.

      Hahaha yeahs I kept saying it to myself while trying to get pictures of him. The duck wasn't amused at all!

      Hope life and your job is treating you good!
      Uni is starting soon wheeeeewaaaaaaah!


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