Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Adding more to flat and some de-stressing

Some Rasta mouse graffiti!

Oh my 
It seems like I've been super busy and then other times it seems like I've not been doing anything.
 Some of the things I have been up to have been that of sorting out my flat room to be more...Deborah like.

I've been adding some things to the walls cause they looked lonely. 
Their my various things I collect from charity shops and karboots.

I made a photograph collage of my family and parts of my life that have brought me to this stage. Felt it was important to have this around so I can look at myself and how far I've came and my family cause I know I could not do this without them.

I was so ill that year it was a bad time.

We have been through a great deal the past few years its been tough but I'm still proud of them all.
Want people and visitors to see them on my wall and to remind me of the
 love they have for me and each other.
Just wish they could all see that in each other to.

I don't really have any friends apart from people online and I do know some people in life but its just more if theirs a party were all invited or through others. I had friends but they weren't who I thought they were so its sadly made me just push people away. And so I became more content with my family it doesn't stop me from being kind and friendly to people. But I'm sadly now to cautious and not as trusting which dunno if that's good or bad.
Family is mostly all I've got at the end of the day.

It's also attached on a white board so I can write my to do list and project lists for Uni.

I guess this could be a good crafty idea for anyone around their house as well ha ha!

I updated my new wardrobe wish I love its so beautiful and old.
I added a shoe rack and a little set of drawers to keep all my things in which is handy!
Brought to much stuff to keep ha ha.

But also now I have a place to hang all my necklaces and I've been wanting to do this for such a long time.
It's kinda sad ha ha but back home my necklaces would never get worn and get tangled all the time.

Some of these pretties are gifts and being the sentimental so and so I am they didn't feel right to be left behind.

My books which I use for drawing references and books I need to read and for inspiration.
Really need to do Blog posts about these guys gaaaaah to many plans and ideas never getting done! D8
Plus my little drawer top of things I try to keep my maintenance with ha ha.

“There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones”

 ~ Coco Chanel

Other than these things their still is some work on the room and flat to be done. 
It's been stressful at the same time I've been applying for work like crazy. 
I was not sure if I should say but I had a job interview at Debenhams this weekend and I really don't know how it went. I got quite nervous and made a couple of mistakes even though I studied and practiced for it for 4 days straight.
I really don't know how it went but cause I doubt myself and its been so long since I've had an interview.

Waiting to hear back from them and for a possible job interview for another job I think today or tomorrow.

I've been pretty stressed and their has been some other things but they haven't helped to be honest ha ha.
Couldn't actually stop crying for a while yesterday in the flat was so surprised at myself silly debz.

Other than that been attempting my first uni project sketchbook about the olympics its been difficult.
Barely draw like I used to but guess stress doesn't help that.

At the same time want to be a good blogger and do propper themed updates and a art giveaway. 
But its tough when theirs so much going on.
Oh dear...

Hope you guys have a good week.

Take care

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