Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pretty frocks and new room

Hey ho lets go!
Hey everyone I've been busy moving into the new flat and rearranging my new room.
 To add some feminine charm to the flat since I'll be staying with the boyfriend and our other male flatmate.
Slowly but surely getting there need to make another car trip with things with the parents.

These were some Puppet performers round the corner from where I'll be staying. 
They were so lovely everyone around me watching couldn't help but have smiles on their faces.
Always something going on in the high street I'll be browsing/shopping/walking nearly everyday now.

Oh my these are most of my dresses before I packed them away for the move.
Excuse the girly-ness but how does any girl pick what dresses to take and not to take for a move out!

This is some of my new room with flowerly bed covers added!

One of my favourite features of the room is this window, outside is a street many people walk up and down and I enjoy watching all the different people pass by. It's going to be so nice to sit on these pillows and draw while I watch people go by. 
I may even add a little bird box and get some little visitors! :3

Some girly items that need organising.

Been job searching as well as unpacking, I had a good day of going into places and handing in my resume.
I feel confident and happy about applying for work today and its a nice high.
Would be so lovely to work in a little cafe or eatery near my flat part time and be a student.
Me and my silly little dreams hee hee.

I also have to start working on my first uni sketchbook its to be about the Olympics.
Not sure how I feel about it but still want to give it a go!

How all you guys doing?

Take care

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