Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mountain of tissues

Recently been extremely ill probably one of the worst colds I've ever had so much that been at home and in bed for 6 days so far. I hope to get better soon I've not really had any support from anyone on blogger or Tumblr for quite a while and that makes me sad. But this might be cause the cold is making me miserable as it is. But I have been on the internet secretly checking out everyone's posts and images to pass this horrible time. Thanks for keeping me entertained everyone it helps pass this devil of a cold.

My fever was so bad the other night that I became delusional and could hear voices and thought people where in my room.

I do hope it passes very soon. ):


  1. *Huggles and makes you some tea*

    Oh Debz! I do hope you feel better soon. I rarely ever get sick but when I do it is terrible and lasts for days, like your illness seems to be doing. Just relax and stay positive and it will pass before you know it!

    Sorry I have not been on lately. I was so busy working and getting my apartment ready for my family to see. Now that that is done, I will have more time to comment and maybe even post some of my own stuff too!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Rest now little owl.


    1. aww thank you kindly sweety *huggles and has tea with you*

      Thanks very much I'm a lot better now but the illness is still clinging to me.
      Aw no dont worry about it I understand life can be so crazy sometimes. I've been a terrible blogger lately been to ill and depressed to really anymore.

      Thats really exciting about your new place to live. I should be moving into my new place hopefully soon as well. Good luck to your new home!

      Take care and thanks so much for the support


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