Saturday, 14 July 2012

First painting in months, little surprise in the mail and packing

"Jar full of flies"
White pen

Gosh I've not painted anything in months really its been weird and sad. This is just a little something I did the other night. It basically expresses how I've been feeling for months about life, starting uni, relationships, moving out, looking for work and being stressed.

Dunno how I feel about it but it has been hard not being able to make anything.
Might upload it to Deviantart its been so long since I've been there to.

My sleep is all over the place again and theirs some family troubles am worried about. 
And thinking about moving out and new flatmates at night is often for me now.

I was pretty down today but then I got a nice surprise in the post.
Any of you guys know VIKTOR AND ROLF?

Their one of my favourite fashion designers in forever and I've been a huge fan of them for a long time.
If you like the weird and surreal with magic and some fashion involved you will love them to!

I joined their mailing list very recently and as a lovely surprise they sent me a sample of their perfume "Flowerbomb"

It smells amazing!
 Its so feminine and mature with the touch of flowers in love instantly!
Wish I had the money to buy the actual bottle waaaaah!
You guys should check out their website and fashion shows their so beautiful and fun!

I did my nails for fun their not perfect but it was nice to do I guess. 
I'm that bored inbetween packing and spending time in the house.

Oh dear I have far to much art stuff to take away when I move out its unreal. 
I already feel like theirs been to much packing and its only been art stuff x_x
And my books that are most important I love my books their so beautiful.

The novelty of holding one and flicking between the pages with your fingers and the old smell some of them have. It's a love that will never die for me and I learn and use them so much for drawing and inspiration.

Not much else planned really apart from packing and spending time with parents as the gradual move happens. With also Dashes of looking for jobs and attempting art again.

Do you guys have any fave designers or books?
Lemme know if you do!

Hope you guys have a good weekend!
Take care


  1. We hope you'll be better!! Paint is sometimes the way to relax! Btw the draw is nice!! :d
    Thanks for your comment!

    1. Thanks very much my lovely <3
      your very welcome :)

  2. Thanks for your comment! It's been a while since I have been able to check out your blog as I have been so busy. This painting is amazing and is full of so much inspiration for me...thank you so much! Painting is such a beautiful way of expressing how we are feeling about the things that are happening in our lives and you do it in such a creative and unique way. I would love to see more of your amazing artwork!

    Scarlett x

    1. Your welcome always a pleasure!
      Oh no don't worry life can be so crazy sometimes.
      *blush* oh my I'm so happy you like it and that it even inspires you! I'm really touched.

      Slowly trying to get back into being creative. Stress and troubles keep me away from it sadly. But I'll try not to disappoint you. Also I agree completely about your view on painting its so true.
      I look forward to your future posts as well!

  3. Your nails ARE perfect, they're lovely, wish I could do that! And that was really good of Viktor and Rolf to send that to you, might sign myself up to the mailing list! Really enjoyed reading this post! xx

    1. oh my ha ha I have seen them done more professionally but thank you so much!
      I used a toothpick to apply the dots, need more practice tho hee hee!

      Yeahs was such a nice surprise in the mail totally made my day. You should it was pretty quick to do and who knows what else they might send!

      Glad you liked this post so much I always love reading yours to and your new outfits!

      Really need to catch up with some outfit posts myself I'll get them done once in my new flat.

      Take care


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