Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The milk maid (old work)

The milk maid by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

The milk maid

She was tall and very thin so precious and kind.
How gentle she would be but with her duties on mind.

She was born in the barnyard from hay, fodder, and cow hide.
Barely being able to speak only through her eyes you could see what was inside.

You could hear her coming because of the cowbell she would wear around her neck.
It’s sweet jingle would echo with each step, chickens would run around her feet and peck.

Only milk, honey and berries would she nibble and eat tenderly but it was very rare.
She did’nt seem to understand the concept of being human, she was always innocent, nude, and bare.

In her jug she would keep close to her like it was her treasure and only joy.
It seemed like magic that would pour from its spout so she would treat it like it was her child hood toy.

Maybe their was a thousand tears in that jug, or maybe souls of those who dont want to be forgotten.
Too bad she does’nt talk really but i doubt we would understand cause most of our hearts are rotten.


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