Saturday, 23 June 2012

The last couple of months in pictures and worries

* Me not being able to afford a hair cut so been looking really lame recently 
(Have to also wear glasses basically all the time now to)

*Went to a park it was awesome those critters come right up to you! BABY ROBIN!

*Nieces birthday their was cake, snacks, presents, pin the tail on the donkey! you jelly!

*We made dumplings.

*I'm moving into my new flat preeeetteee soon (6th of July) been up saying goodbye to everyone who is already here and having generally good times.

*I have no money ha ha so will have to pay rent for 2 months without being able to live in my flat cause it will be to much to buy food or flat things.

*Been looking for a job like crazy to remedy this.

*Really want to do an awesome give away to! but cause has no monies apart from rent money I don't even have money to pay postage! hahahaha!

*It may get fixed tho but cant say for now.

*Been even thinking of selling some of my things and been trying to sell art on the net since i was 14. 

*I am now 23 and its never worked which makes me think my art is to shite to sell to be frank.

*Hopefully Uni will make this better and make me be able to sell work or understand how to sell and get work.

* I've been worrying about it all so much I'm barely sleeping.

* I worry about everything...

*Hows everyone else been?

* I always ask this question at the end of my blogs but I dont think anyone reads them or pays attention.

*Maybe I'll get somewhere in life.

*Despite all of this I appear to look pretty sound and happy to everyone.



  1. Love your hair!! Really suits you!!! Your so Beautiful friend !! <3 Love you clothes as well!!

    1. Thats really nice of you to say my lovely!
      I've been a terrible blogger lately damn depression and illness ><
      Good to see you on blogger again hoorah! <3


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