Sunday, 3 June 2012

Lake District and some artistic musings

Been back from the Lake District since last weekend and I cant express enough how much I enjoyed my time there. The weather was perfect the entire weekend, I adored camping our camp site was just so amazing and in such a nice location. I'm totally in my element when in nature and everyday was like a new adventure from finding a new type of flower to watching butterflies fly past me.

And I got to go to the home of Beatrix Potter and explore the location's that inspired her books.
I nearly cried in joy at how happy and nervous I was about entering her home and parts of her life.

Still really need to post my Beatrix collection gaaaaah!I have so many other things I want to post about and pictures to show. But keep getting side tracked with life and away from drawing which I miss a lot and barely do as much as I used to.

Hopefully Uni will change that.

But anyway here's the holiday in lots and probably to many pictures ha ha.

Some ducks became our neighbours for the whole weekend usually when their was food.

Hill top farm.

Views from our camp site.

Had a go at drawing and painting quite the novice of landscape painting.

There is so many more pictures but would be here all day ha ha. Hope you guys get the jest of it all.
If you do get the chance and enjoy nature totally go to the Lake district your will love it.
Also if your artistic it will inspire you greatly.

Offt about a month till I move out to my new flat I hope to have done some more art.
Or at least some more project work barely done anything and that worries me.
Feel I have lost a part of me and I'm not sure how to bring it back.
Used to draw or make new work at least once a week now I'm lucky if I draw once a month.
Oh dear.

Have you guys been enjoying the nice weather?

Take care

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