Tuesday, 12 June 2012

going to post old and new work and giveaway soon

Incase anyone wonders what I actually do, I actually paint,draw, and do photography a lot and have a lot of artistic experience. 
For the past couple of years I’ve mostly did paintings/illustrations about characters I’ve made up with stories and poems.

Been on the internet for a while and Im still trying to figure out how to make it as an artist on the web and in general life.

I do have a lot of personal problems with family but maybe I’ll let that out more on personal notes.

Im also going to University in a few months time to do art there as well.

So far tumblr has been mostly used for reblogging stuff that inspires me and that I find awesome.

I’m going to start posting old and new work more regualry on here now and my blogger. 

I will post things from my accidentlyonpurpose account from Deviantart.

I also still plan to do a giveaway of lots of lovely things soon.

I hope you like what you see if you follow me…

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