Saturday, 23 June 2012

The last couple of months in pictures and worries

* Me not being able to afford a hair cut so been looking really lame recently 
(Have to also wear glasses basically all the time now to)

*Went to a park it was awesome those critters come right up to you! BABY ROBIN!

*Nieces birthday their was cake, snacks, presents, pin the tail on the donkey! you jelly!

*We made dumplings.

*I'm moving into my new flat preeeetteee soon (6th of July) been up saying goodbye to everyone who is already here and having generally good times.

*I have no money ha ha so will have to pay rent for 2 months without being able to live in my flat cause it will be to much to buy food or flat things.

*Been looking for a job like crazy to remedy this.

*Really want to do an awesome give away to! but cause has no monies apart from rent money I don't even have money to pay postage! hahahaha!

*It may get fixed tho but cant say for now.

*Been even thinking of selling some of my things and been trying to sell art on the net since i was 14. 

*I am now 23 and its never worked which makes me think my art is to shite to sell to be frank.

*Hopefully Uni will make this better and make me be able to sell work or understand how to sell and get work.

* I've been worrying about it all so much I'm barely sleeping.

* I worry about everything...

*Hows everyone else been?

* I always ask this question at the end of my blogs but I dont think anyone reads them or pays attention.

*Maybe I'll get somewhere in life.

*Despite all of this I appear to look pretty sound and happy to everyone.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Spine boy (old work)

I guess its finished spine boy by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

I added roses and thorns to my last painting i did, i was at huge debate with this painting cause i really loved the figure and the way i drew it. Im also feeling unsure about putting background colours in my drawings cause i know having lots of white can ruin an image.

I do adore when ink bleeds with water on a page.

Moon lady (old work)

Moon lady by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

This is an image i had stuck in my head for a while, i may put a poem with the precious little lady and her dusty sleeps.

The watcher (old work)

The Watcher by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

Its cold up here on the ledges of old clock towers and old cathedrals…
Not much helps the rain and loneliness, all that covers him is old newspaper overalls…

So high up there, its not like anyone notices where he is or everything that he can see…
He knows them all so well yet they will never meet him, the mind wonders what am I supposed to be?…

I can breathe, look, listen, smell, and even taste but I do not need any food…
Can only speak when water or the wind flowing over my lips, I might tell them if I could…

Parts of his hair and skin are made of stone and moss, its sometimes hard to move…
When he can he slides down to the streets and collects shiny bottles and studies how lovely and smooth…

He cuddles the fellow statues and gargoyles he does not understand why he does this…
Made of stone partly so he does not feel like we do but theirs always something he will miss…

Theirs that couple walking hand and hand again, theirs those drunks singing and laughing, theirs the horse and cart…
His eyes see allot of things and people down below, he sometimes swears he can feel that he has a heart…


He’s half Gargoyle and half man, Gargoyles can only speak if water/rain flows from their mouth or the wind blows over their teeth.



Im not who you think I am (old work)

Im not who you think i am by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

~I hide behind this wall of happiness and a big smile~
~Whispers are tucked neatly away every once in a while~

~Did’nt think it was wrong to have to much love to give~
~Its leaking to much this time for me to stop it like a sieve~

~Your to sweet like dripping honey on soft cheeks~
~Ill devour you and pick at your heart slowly for weeks~

~Tear my lips off and rake your fingers in my chest~
~Turn me inside out and make me whimper in jest~

~Your to good for me and will always be the better person~
~Ill take all the blame i really really will times a billon~

~Be happy for me and say my name is something you forgot~
~I dont deserve you or anyone or anything leave me to rot~



The milk maid (old work)

The milk maid by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

The milk maid

She was tall and very thin so precious and kind.
How gentle she would be but with her duties on mind.

She was born in the barnyard from hay, fodder, and cow hide.
Barely being able to speak only through her eyes you could see what was inside.

You could hear her coming because of the cowbell she would wear around her neck.
It’s sweet jingle would echo with each step, chickens would run around her feet and peck.

Only milk, honey and berries would she nibble and eat tenderly but it was very rare.
She did’nt seem to understand the concept of being human, she was always innocent, nude, and bare.

In her jug she would keep close to her like it was her treasure and only joy.
It seemed like magic that would pour from its spout so she would treat it like it was her child hood toy.

Maybe their was a thousand tears in that jug, or maybe souls of those who dont want to be forgotten.
Too bad she does’nt talk really but i doubt we would understand cause most of our hearts are rotten.


going to post old and new work and giveaway soon

Incase anyone wonders what I actually do, I actually paint,draw, and do photography a lot and have a lot of artistic experience. 
For the past couple of years I’ve mostly did paintings/illustrations about characters I’ve made up with stories and poems.

Been on the internet for a while and Im still trying to figure out how to make it as an artist on the web and in general life.

I do have a lot of personal problems with family but maybe I’ll let that out more on personal notes.

Im also going to University in a few months time to do art there as well.

So far tumblr has been mostly used for reblogging stuff that inspires me and that I find awesome.

I’m going to start posting old and new work more regualry on here now and my blogger. 

I will post things from my accidentlyonpurpose account from Deviantart.

I also still plan to do a giveaway of lots of lovely things soon.

I hope you like what you see if you follow me…

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Peter followed us

My name is Peter and I am a Rabbit and this is an adventure.

Peter Rabbit

Lake District and some artistic musings

Been back from the Lake District since last weekend and I cant express enough how much I enjoyed my time there. The weather was perfect the entire weekend, I adored camping our camp site was just so amazing and in such a nice location. I'm totally in my element when in nature and everyday was like a new adventure from finding a new type of flower to watching butterflies fly past me.

And I got to go to the home of Beatrix Potter and explore the location's that inspired her books.
I nearly cried in joy at how happy and nervous I was about entering her home and parts of her life.

Still really need to post my Beatrix collection gaaaaah!I have so many other things I want to post about and pictures to show. But keep getting side tracked with life and away from drawing which I miss a lot and barely do as much as I used to.

Hopefully Uni will change that.

But anyway here's the holiday in lots and probably to many pictures ha ha.

Some ducks became our neighbours for the whole weekend usually when their was food.

Hill top farm.

Views from our camp site.

Had a go at drawing and painting quite the novice of landscape painting.

There is so many more pictures but would be here all day ha ha. Hope you guys get the jest of it all.
If you do get the chance and enjoy nature totally go to the Lake district your will love it.
Also if your artistic it will inspire you greatly.

Offt about a month till I move out to my new flat I hope to have done some more art.
Or at least some more project work barely done anything and that worries me.
Feel I have lost a part of me and I'm not sure how to bring it back.
Used to draw or make new work at least once a week now I'm lucky if I draw once a month.
Oh dear.

Have you guys been enjoying the nice weather?

Take care
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