Sunday, 13 May 2012

Recent purchases and some work

Its 5.16 am and I have became a vampire ever since I got back from where my uni will be. 
This always happens to me but i do try to make my time just as useful.

Like watching episodes of Ed, Edd n Eddy! hahaha anyone remember that show?!
Apart from middle of the night dance sessions in the living room with my ipod 
I'vealso been looking for jobs so i can has moneys for moving out!

Oh yeahs I will be moving out to a flat in July for starting university in September.
How crazy is that I'm finally moving out and away from home soon. 
Its kinda scary but also exciting I cant wait to do my own food shopping and making up my little nest to be so nice and cool. 
A place for Deborah so she can do Deborah things.

Been spending a lot of time with the family and managed to do a little drawing here and there.

We went to the karboot last weekend and I got a few little somethings that I thought I would share.

I got three of these cute frames they only cost 50p each. 
Figured could do a set of artwork for them or something. Adore the old fashioned picture that's in them to.

Not been buying clothes for a while but I saw this cute lace jacket. 
It was 3 pounds and i hope to wear it with summer outfits.

Which reminds me sorry I've not don't much outfit posts lately guys.
Been so busy and thinking i look ugly and worn out lately.
I'll try to do some soon.

I also got a peter rabbit beanie baby but I'll include that in a collection post of all my Beatrix Potter post sometime.

I also got some books in a sale.
I adore books so so much, reading them and buying ones with pictures I can use for reference when drawing.

I got these two they have a lot of nature and animals in them which I love so!

This is a collection of all my books that are used for reference, inspiration, art techniques and fun.
Maybe I'll show you guys some of them one day.

This is the only work I've been doing besides the doll photographs. ;n;

Its a collab project I'm doing with a local writer I'm making a comic for a script/story hes made.
I'll see how things go so far its been a lot of experimentation with media and ideas.

I really need to do more artwork at some point and upload more work.
Was planning to upload more of my sketchbooks from art classes and such for you guys to see.

Still plan to do a giveaway but moving out, trying to get a job and money have been on my mind these days.
Its hard to concentrate on new work with all my head buzzing about starting university also.

Maybe I could sell my clothes or something on here to make more money.
I dunnos I'll see how things go.
What do you guys think?

Hope your doing good and hope you have a good week.


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