Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good times and surprise camping trip

(Gift from my lovely)

Heys everyone!

Hope your all enjoying the amazing and sometimes overpowering weather if your in the UK!
Things have been random and so fun the last couple of weeks.

Attending the end of year Uni shows of my friends was exciting and crazy.
I wish so many wonderful and big things for them on their next journey outside of being students.
 Also seeing the end of year art show at the uni I'll be attending
left me so astonished and impressed by the students work and also inspired. 
It's given me great hope and excitement to put my artistic skills to the test for university.
Some of the work was just incredible will need to check some of the artists out!

Aside from that cause of the amazing weather and spending time with my lovely and family.

Also wonderfully and such a surprise my hunny and me are going away camping this weekend!
And its to the Lake District waaaaaaaah.
I've never been camping or to the lake district and I'am a super nature and Beatrix potter geek.
I collect mostly anything Beatrix related as a hobby.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for you guys.
Hope you guys have a good weekend to!

Take care
Love Debz


  1. Oh camping sounds delicious!! You gave an idea!! As soon as I'll finish my exams, i'll probably go with friends ;)

    Wherever the Sunset is

    1. Yeahs it was a amazing had a great time. Ha ha you totally should and post pictures!
      Good luck in your exams!

  2. Inspiration is just the best feeling isn't it!? I am glad that you are thinking more positively and enjoying life a lot more. Camping sounds like so much fun! Have a wonderful time :)


    1. oh yes it is indeed!
      I'm trying my best you can only take a day at a time.
      Finding it a bit tough to make anything arty much of late. It worries me ha ha
      Thanks so much hope you enjoy the good weather to <3


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