Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Finally some alone time with wall-e


I sadly have not been able to post that much lately which kinda upsets me and annoys me at how much real life can get in the way. 
I've been currently trying to sort out a flat to live in for University in a few months time. 
And I've had to stay longer in the place I'll be studying cause I've had to wait around for my other future flat mates to get their butts in gear basically.

And because I've had to wait around for them to get stuff done I've not really been able to do any more art work or much blogging cause Im not at home. 
But I hope to be at home by this weekend again so I can post more cause I sadly didnt expect to be up here this long.
 It has been fun here and there tho but I did want to 
get more stuff done before I have no free time with University and running a flat.

I hope to be able to still do blogging and posting up new work before and during Uni.
I post up story tapes on my youtube account and hav'ent been able to do it as often cause other people keep jerking me about.

(rant over)

And now we breathe...

Yeahs other than that I have been doing some nice things like eating and making tasty food like cheesecake!
I completed the first Silent Hill game for the ps1 it was pretty great!
And began one of the old Tomb Raider games to.
I've watched some movies.

I finally sat down and watched Antichrist...OHMYGOD

I didnt know how to feel watching it but I cant deny its brilliance. 
It is one of the most shocking films I've seen in a ingenious way.
If you dont like films with violent sex, surrel symbolism and unspeakable imagery.
Then I wouldnt watch this film if you dont lol.

Then on the other hand was Finding Neverland.
Oh my I dont think i've seen such a beautiful film in such a long time
 it was magical and heartbreaking.
I cried so much after it and Im not sure why and thinking about it could make me weep.
Also I was impressed by Johnny Depp's Scottish accent 
cause usually people cant do it or make fun of us.

I also watched a puppet czech film called Kooky and it is a bit slow but the sets are beautiful.
If you like toys or puppets and dont mind things being like a childs world and
appreciate artistic value in films.
You will enjoy Kooky.

"At home we always said night night."

I hope you enjoy them if you decide to watch any of these. 
So theirs been no lack of inspiration but just sadly not had any art materials to make much of anything. 
And sadly other people and real life takes you away from things you love sometimes.

Theirs been a Spring market round the corner from the nearly new flat. 
We checked it out and it was so charming with little stalls with knick knacks and colourful fabrics.
And the smell of tasty exotic food and apple cider.

Im starting to really like this city I hope I do enjoy Uni here and general life.
Its such a scary time to be moving out for the first time and having to take care of myself. 
But the indepence has been itching for a while and I know 
I'll miss my family but I'll still see them around.

I really wish I did have a studio flat tho and I could just be inspired and make art and projects all the time and be in love with the world.

I still would like to do a giveaway before uni starts I just need to get it organised.
Maybe I post other work and projects I've done for the new followers and commentors to see that I actually try to do art when I can ha ha!

How have you all been?
take care

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