Monday, 23 April 2012

Picture boxes

Dunno if I ever mentioned but I collect cameras...

And they barely cost anything I got them from charity shops and karboots.

Yeahs some I've used and some I dunno if I can. I'll try to get some of them developed one day hopefully they still can.
 I really want a polaroid again but i think its difficult to get film for it.

Oh yeah I said yes to my uni course and am sorting out a flat to live in for next year.

So been a little busy and had peoples bday celebrations as well. 
Maybe I'll just start uploading all my old work in the mean time or something so its not empty.

How you guys been?



  1. I am loving these cameras. You have inspired me to go out hunting for some. I would love to see some of your developed photos:)
    Congratulations for saying yes to your uni course sorting out a flat to live in...that's so exciting!!! xx

    1. Thank you so much my lovely <3
      If you do I'd love to see them! I'll try some time cause Im not sure where to get them developed since their pretty old ><

      Yeahs Im sorting that out just now so sadly less blogging but Im hoping to get back this week sometime.

  2. Oh, they look really awesome! I don't exactly collect cameras, but I happen to have two from my grandfather. One is a 1930s Brownie!

    1. Hee hee Im glad you like them! oh my really! That sounds amazing! Would love to see them <3


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