Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fox Gloves

~ Fox gloves ~
~In a far away wood between two mountains where the sunset stretched forever was a very esteemed country club…
It was known there was great celebrations and dark secrets took place there where over blood and sport people would rejoice to the pub…~
~This house belonged to a very beautiful but wicked woman who continued the blood line of her family by fox hunting…
She only loved that of the sport and her beloved beagle hounds and would invite many guests and what spectators they would bring…~
~Through the mist and smell of the marsh lands would she begin the hunt with her dogs and others in two on her mighty steed…~
The foxes would scurry and quiver with the pounding of hoofs upon the earth as if thunder like they had done a terrible deed…~
~Their would be ripping, tearing, squirting, yelping, and snarling and ungodly sounds all part of the thrill of the hunt…
Miss Country club would hold up her prize with great relish before the crowds some believed it to be to shocking and only a stunt…~
~She would return to her great big house for wild parties to celebrate her power where wine was drank and gifts bestowed…
One gift in particular she received was a pair of Fox gloves made to perfection she slipped on right away and strutted around her abode…~
~Little did she know these gloves possessed great magic and cry’s from the past of the hunted and tears of the dead…
What goes around comes around and slowly but surely the wicked turned into what she always hunted as a tail popped from her dress red…~


White gel pen
Gold pen

My my my it has been such a while...since november i painted anything...

I'll update with more pretty things soon
you guys been alright?

Take care

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