Thursday, 5 April 2012

Doll Photomanipulation and extras

Me and my lovely did a photoshoot recently of an idea of me being a doll and its been long overdo.

Hes here if you want to check out his stuff.

My photography account is here but everyone who was on there has disappeared so its more lonely there.

He took so many pictures!
And it was tough going through them all but at the same time was fun.

So gave some photomanipulation a go and looked at ball joint dolls as reference.
Its not the best doll photomanipulation I have seen far better but it was practice with tablet again.

It feels so wonderful to make art and be creative again forgot how wonderful it can make you feel. 

Been working on other things like sketchbooks and drawings.

Hope you guys have a good weekend I'll catch up with your entries soon.

Take care


  1. Well done! When I first looked at this I thought it was an actual doll. I am so glad that you feel wonderful being creative and using your is the best feeling. You have a great blog, check mine out sometime xx

  2. Thanks so much on the lovely comment <3 yes their is no feeling quite like it really xxx


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