Monday, 23 April 2012

Picture boxes

Dunno if I ever mentioned but I collect cameras...

And they barely cost anything I got them from charity shops and karboots.

Yeahs some I've used and some I dunno if I can. I'll try to get some of them developed one day hopefully they still can.
 I really want a polaroid again but i think its difficult to get film for it.

Oh yeah I said yes to my uni course and am sorting out a flat to live in for next year.

So been a little busy and had peoples bday celebrations as well. 
Maybe I'll just start uploading all my old work in the mean time or something so its not empty.

How you guys been?


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hearts all crumbly and karbootness

Thank you everyone for just being so kind and supporting me through the scary and tough times.
Theirs such a big journey ahead of me and right now its hard to see much good in it. Not because I cant see
the good things or refuse them. 
It's just lately my relationship has been in turmoil and its surreal trying to prepare yourself for the future without one.
Considering the wheels of moving into a flat was already put in motion and the sting of thinking how akward it might be.

And then your sitting there god what the hell am I doing and what do I want anymore?
Do I want love? Do I feel loved right now? Why do I put everyone else first? Why cant I be selfish to?
Would I ever find love again? Do I even want to find love again? 
How do I love myself first to say I've had enough and want to be happy?

Then you feel like crap for thinking god I tolerate so much or im such a crappy person.
So unattractive and unwanted and unloved but ill keep smiling.
No one wants to be alone or unloved.

I do know I'll take things as they come and that I want to create forever and be young at heart always.

I actually have a cold now to and it kinda sucks my sleep will never heal! ahahahaha!

A glove on a tree falala!

I had a dream the other night where I was a an actual hand made small doll. And I was talking and interacting with other dolls and their mouths didnt move. All the motion of the dream was like a stop motion cartoon it was really cool. 
And all the dolls looked weird and charming including my little doll hands I could see in front of me.
One doll wanted in my pants tho and I was going to explain to it I dunno how that would work. 
But then I woke up.

The most amazing thing about the dream tho was that I could feel all the materials. 
I cant explain it but I could feel the clay and wood me and the other dolls where made of.
And the basic fabric and lace our little costumes where made out of. 
It was almost amazing I forgot I was dreaming. Imagine experiencing touch in a dream?!

My dreams have been crazy lately been kissing different people in them I know in real life one minute. 
And then being alone and shunned in them the next and other weird places.

Little fishes at the chinese take away we went to I love them alot. 
Especially the big ones tail its so beautiful watching it swish and sway.

God I got into Uni how did this happen?!

Sadly because my sleep has been all over the place I have turned night into day. 
And it made me not get much done within the space of about a week.
So I sadly have not did much drawing but I have been spending time with my family a great deal.
And doing odd little jobs I've wanted to get around to doing for a while.

Like as an example I was sewing and been making clothes fit me better. 
Cause Im riddiculously thin I never look right or clothes are always some way or another baggy on me.
Its cool being thin I guess but you do look ill and almost skeleton or unnatural in a way. 
But I like that and think it can be beautiful and like to make my characters like that in my work.

Dunno If I've talked about it much but I like to go to charity shops and karboots often. 
I collect lots of the strange and things I find beautiful. 
I have posted some stuff in the past but I would like to post things to show you guys of finds Im proud of.
But yet have no where to keep and display them maybe a flat will be handy for that! XD

 I got this flower press for 50p recently at a karboot. 
I thought I would never see one and the lady who had it actually asked me what it was.

I've been wanting to start collecting more antique things such as taxidermy and old photographs and the like.
Im just a little clueless with all this kinda stuff. 
For examples I dont really know how to perserve animals or plants.
I have a butterfly in our fridge thats been in a tiny tub since before christmas. 
And I dunno how to make the next leap to put it into a frame to make it last.

These are flowers I've had pressed in a book for about a year but their starting to rott so I have no idea what Im doing. 
And I guess money can be an issue too when collecting and keeping things beautiful. X_x

Offt sorry guys this post has dragged quite a bit just had to get a lot off my chest. 
Cant even breathe through my nose just now stupid cold.

One more thing tho!

I got this as a gift from my sister for getting into uni and back into her house.
(Long story)

I plan to make him part of a giveaway idea if everyone would be so inclined.

Have you guys had fun the past week?
Take care

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Mfw i found out i got an offer for university.

But mfw I remembered how I've actually been feeling and forgot I even got in.

Just want to be locked into a little box in the middle of a field of flowers and listen to the birds sing and the grass sway forever.

Think im to broken and keep thinking people will fix me but they dont.

Fox Gloves

~ Fox gloves ~
~In a far away wood between two mountains where the sunset stretched forever was a very esteemed country club…
It was known there was great celebrations and dark secrets took place there where over blood and sport people would rejoice to the pub…~
~This house belonged to a very beautiful but wicked woman who continued the blood line of her family by fox hunting…
She only loved that of the sport and her beloved beagle hounds and would invite many guests and what spectators they would bring…~
~Through the mist and smell of the marsh lands would she begin the hunt with her dogs and others in two on her mighty steed…~
The foxes would scurry and quiver with the pounding of hoofs upon the earth as if thunder like they had done a terrible deed…~
~Their would be ripping, tearing, squirting, yelping, and snarling and ungodly sounds all part of the thrill of the hunt…
Miss Country club would hold up her prize with great relish before the crowds some believed it to be to shocking and only a stunt…~
~She would return to her great big house for wild parties to celebrate her power where wine was drank and gifts bestowed…
One gift in particular she received was a pair of Fox gloves made to perfection she slipped on right away and strutted around her abode…~
~Little did she know these gloves possessed great magic and cry’s from the past of the hunted and tears of the dead…
What goes around comes around and slowly but surely the wicked turned into what she always hunted as a tail popped from her dress red…~


White gel pen
Gold pen

My my my it has been such a while...since november i painted anything...

I'll update with more pretty things soon
you guys been alright?

Take care

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Doll Photomanipulation and extras

Me and my lovely did a photoshoot recently of an idea of me being a doll and its been long overdo.

Hes here if you want to check out his stuff.

My photography account is here but everyone who was on there has disappeared so its more lonely there.

He took so many pictures!
And it was tough going through them all but at the same time was fun.

So gave some photomanipulation a go and looked at ball joint dolls as reference.
Its not the best doll photomanipulation I have seen far better but it was practice with tablet again.

It feels so wonderful to make art and be creative again forgot how wonderful it can make you feel. 

Been working on other things like sketchbooks and drawings.

Hope you guys have a good weekend I'll catch up with your entries soon.

Take care
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