Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sneak peaks of new art work and should be sleeping

Hey everyone I've turned night into day from working on art to submit to University submission dates. 
I've sent away some of my work online and now need to wait to hear if I get any interviews. 

Here's some images of all the art materials I've not touched in so long or use of them is long overdo.

These are some inks I got on my holiday to York last year, they were from the York museum gift shop lol!
I fell in love with the box art on them so much I love old paintings and Victorian Illustrations.

If you don't know me so well I love going into charity shops and thrift stores. This was a little treasure I found there butterfly stamps. Oh their so wonderful and I have an excuse to use them now. I could do future posts about the stuff I find in them if anyone would be interested.

My mind is now mush from working so much and being so nervous about what to show. 
I have not been in education for nearly two years due to a lot of personal and family troubles at home.

It would be so nice to get into university I feel it would further my progress as an artist/creative person and find myself better. I've also became far to fond of the town my lovely lives in and where one of the Universities is I really want to go to.

It would be such a huge step for me since it would mean I would be moving out and being independent and totally on my own. But that also really excites me and feel it would really give me the push to be an adult but still always a kid at heart.

Some development work I've been working on to show themes in my art work.

I still fear I'm not good enough for University tho.
Art is always changing and so is our views of it and I fear I'm out of touch with it to much.

Also do you guys have pen pals? 
I do and have known her since I was 16.
Strangely enough we have never even heard each others voices or seen each other on web cam or real life.
But without fail every year we both send each other birthday gifts.
This is a little overdo but I really wanted to show you guys what she gave me this year.

 A tiny Bonzai tree just for meeeee! She was even kind enough to write all the instructions in English on everything for me. Need to still find the perfect place for him.

Here's some candles she also got me they smell amazing and their for your garden to make fly's go away.

And a little magnet kitty! he's currently climbing my bedroom mirror right now to somewhere cool.

Here's also the gifts I sent her in return, they pale in comparison to her wonderful-ness!

Writing letters and sending packages is so much fun and never goes out of style! I might have to do it with you lot someday! 

Ring and watch were my vday gifts their so pretty!

Still experimenting with eye make up why suck so much debz?!
Also need bloody hair cut!

This post is starting to drag a little. 
On these notes I'll be showing some new work on DA and here soon and hope to get back to some projects that are overdo.
 Hopefully the stress from worrying and working on new art won't kill me before the next post ha ha!

Have you guys been having fun in the land of you guys?

Take care


  1. Amazing work and drawing!! Btw thanks for your comment!:D

    Wherever the Sunset is

    1. thank you kindly <3 always a pleasure <3

  2. I love your illustrations! You are very talented:) your ring is also very beautiful...very unique and quirky! You have a great blog and I'm now following you:) Check out mine sometime x

    1. Hello there

      Thank you lots I'm glad you like them :)

      Thanks lots for the follow your the new first follower I've had in sooo long it was such a nice surprise!

      Your blog is so awesome and arty and I love it! I cant wait to see what you post next totally followed! <3


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