Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Old machines spoke to me with the smell of cakes and awesome news

The past week has been crazy but in a good way. That's me submitted all my work to the art Unis I want to go for finally. 
But just when I thought I could chill for a little while and start showing you guys art Ive been working on no lol!
But awesome reason why I got an interview for the uni I want to go to at the end of the month! 
I honestly thought i would not get an interview.
So I'll have to be working my butt off to make my portfolio all nice and cool for the next 2 weeks.
It shall be busy times.

But on a family quality time note I spent some time with my parents last weekend since they had time off work. I do really enjoy spending time with my parents cause half of the time we don't get to see each other that much.
 Even considering we live in the same house together were always in different rooms and have different interests.
This week we went and did some shopping which i got a couple of things but I'll show you guys another time. (including sneakily buying presents for mum for mothers day and her bday.) 

And checked out the new transport museum near us and I'm so glad we did it was amazing and free entry! 
Cant argue with that.

Old antiques such as typewriters and cameras make me ridiculously giddy.

They look like old toy cars on that wall there its so clever.

Me in an old pub waaaaaaaay!

What I wore on the day out its a lovely little knitted sailor top my lovely's mum gave me as a gift.
She's a great lady she's so nice to me and knows her bargains well!

My face looks so fat these days lol or as I like to call it hamster cheeked must be the ways of getting older. Been trying new make up tricks and stuff. I also finally went and got new make up with my gift card but I'll show you guys in my next post or something lol like your on the edge of your seats ha ha.

My nieces stayed over this weekend to their so crazy and hyper but always cute. We played Wii fit which I'm getting into doing for exercise and eating better to. Played pictionary for the lols and made cupcakes and watched a movie.
Here's all the cupcake action!

They came out pretty good and tasty they were all gone by the next mornings lunch time ha ha!

Sleeping has been so much better as well its been pretty good but I get up like super early. I hope to keep exercising and eating healthy. Need to prepare myself for the interviews soon to so will prob's be busy the next couple of weeks forgive me if i don't get back to you guys straight away.
Sleeping wont be so good anymore ha ha.

Did you guys have a good week? weekend?

Take care

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