Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Finally some quiet and my back is so sore

Oh my life is just so crazy, wonderful and sometimes upsetting.
 I have been so busy since my last entry that it feels like its been a year.

My University interview was yesterday and I don't know how it made me feel really have no idea. 
Its scary and amazing times.

In-between and of the above I have done so many things apart from my work preparing for it.

Been to karboot and school tuck shops, time with my parents, guinea pig babies, playing eye spy on car trips, making crafts with my nieces, finally going to the local art club and collab project, meeting up with an old friend for adorable tea and Japanese food and enjoying the wonders of spring and the sunshine.

Their only a few of the things I have been up to theirs much more 
but here's some photos that would show it better.

Their is so much more I want to say and share including my charity shop and karboot buys. 
Plus new make up I got recently and how tutorials have made me learn how to draw it better on my face ha.
Their also lots of stuff to do with clothes I want to show you guys as well but I am so tired from all the work.
I will soon tho I promise and it will be awesome.

I need to work on more art as well life is just so mental and I'm so shy about showing work now dunno whats happened to me?!

But going to stay positive and hopefully my back will get better from carrying my portfolio around the city.

Time to relax and have some fun in the sun for a change!

How have all you guys been?

Take care

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