Monday, 6 February 2012

*Sad blog face*

 Nearly a whole week without a blog post im fading fast and its only February oh the shame!

Ive been quiet cause had a lot of relationshit going on and putting all my energy and time into it is hard work.
Been trying to do art dispite it but get so overcome with emotion cant draw the next line.

Curse you over sensitive girl feelings!

So not even had much to really say or to show on the blog.

The past few days have been me in bed to depressed to even get out of it and do much of anything. 
Even trying to be girly is not happening dont have the energy to even bother with my appearance.

I would like everything to get better or have been attempting to but i cant really do it cause im pretty much the only one trying to fix everything.
Relationships require two people not one or its like talking to yourself. 
Maybe they dont want to fix anything and Im not taking hints i dont know anymore.
One sided things suck.

Maybe i need to be alone for a while and run away from everything forever.

Did you guys have a good weekend?


  1. Please cheer up buttercup! Though I know exactly how you feel. I have been depressed since...well since forever! Recently too I found out that my mother no longer has any interest in me. My world was crushed.

    However, there is still beauty out in the world and I am a part of it for some reason or another. So I must do the very best I can. I will do whatever it is to make a happy life for myself.

    I ended up buying some really cute and girly clothes from the Jason Wu collection. I wanted to go for something out of my normal jeans and t-shirts. But since I am down, they will probably stay in my closet for a while yet until I feel better. But...I WILL FEEL BETTER! AND SO WILL MY DEBZ! <3

    Please do not run away. I did it for 20 years and just made me miserable. Now I am tackling things and getting over them. No longer do I have to worry about them :) If you are the only one trying to fix anything, then I am afraid the other person involved just does not seem to care. It is perhaps best to move on. That is what I would do.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words and support dear it means so much. <3

      Im terribly sorry about your mum, my problems really are trivial.
      Im glad you have such a positive outlook on things tho its all we can do at the end of the day.

      Oh yay im so glad you bought yourself some things you should totally do a blog on them! Bet their fabulous!

      Yeahs I do tackle things the past 4 years have been pretty tough but I got through it. Were working things out slowly so i hope things are all good in the hood! I'll try to do another blog post soon.
      Take care
      Debz <3

  2. Seems that almost everybody have lived your situation. Take care!!Btw thanks for your lovely comment. xx

    Wherever the Sunset is

    1. yeahs sadly cause i do wish no one has to thanks for the love. your very welcome your blog is awesome! you take care to! <3


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