Monday, 13 February 2012

Queezy ness and rumblings of the road

(My Doggie Kris stealing my bed)

Thanks everyone for the support and nice comments through the bad times. 
Your Blog posts are always awesome to read and keep me going.

Things have gotten a bit better but it still needs some time. 
Wish I could say the same for my sleep its riddiculous these days ha ha! 
Sleeping at like dinner time and right through till 7 in the morning dunno how that's possible!

Was spending some time with the parents and the lovely and were all ill with colds and the like lol had a sore throat for a month. 

We went to Ikea here's Broccoli man.

We played video games and watched movies the past few days was nice to do normal things with someone.
I may talk about what games and movies we watched in another post see what you guys would think : )
We also played the board game Dragonolgy I got it for christmas.

Its pretty fun never underestimate the power of board games.

I'm up at the lovely's this week for vday hoping things will get more carefree and less ill.
Their flats a bloody mess its pretty disgusting makes me discouraged about getting a flat for university.
Theirs a lot of akward tension as well so its not helping with the whole carefree-ness of the environment.
I clean it everytime I come up maybe not going to do it this time.

 Sorry for the terrible lighting in this one better than nothing.

Have such a weird face lol its like a hamster content with food in its cheek.
Hamsters are pretty awesome tho.

 Been playing around with make up especially eye I've never been so bold or out going with make up before.
Its fun kinda like drawing and painting using your self ill experiment further in the future.

 Owls always a hoot.
And their is Deer's on my sweater/jumper and my scarf told you I liked Deer's!

I tried painting apples on my nails it was pretty fun not perfect but fun none the less!

I have been doing more art as well and other little adventures. 
I hope to get more done up at the lovelys cause brought my sketchbook.
 Hope things are more cheery and bright this week and less akward.

Jacket: George
Scarf: Primark
Sweater/jumper: F&F 
Shorts: F&F
Shoes: Peacocks
Necklace: Gift

Did you guys have a nice weekend?

take care


  1. Wooooooh! I love this post though I am sorry to hear everyone is sick at the moment. I feel a bit odd too and I pray that I am not coming down with something!

    Your doggy is so cute! I have a cute border collie named Chester. He is the best little puppy in the world. I also have a cute little hamster named Cosita. She is super cuddly and soft :3

    I am really diggin your eye make up. That is how I tend to do mine to. The highlight in the corner and the dark liner around the outside. I tend to make little "wings" at the end too. Oh, and your lips are beautiful! I have a thing for lips by the way haha.

    Your outfit is also fantabulous, te hehe. Those shoes look really comfy and soft. You are lucky you live so far away or I'd steal them from chu :3

    The nails are cute btw. I think I saw a tutorial by Bubz Beauty on how to do cute apple nails. Do you watch her too by chance?

    Anywho, I am happy you got back to posting and I cannot wait to see more posts about art, games, movies, makeup, or whatever you throw at your watchers! Take care, dear Debz.


    1. waaaaaah your to nice to me! XF
      Hope your not sicky!

      Aww how sweet yeahs Krissy is a really cuddley dog he doesnt like being alone. Aww how cute I totally want to see your pets sometime!

      Thanks a lot I really dunno what im doing with it ha ha just trying stuff out and scribbling it on.
      Offt dunno about that I have a nasty habbit of biting the skin on my lips!

      The shoes are pretty comfy but they make my legs look shorter ha ha!

      You know whats weird I think it was her on youtube that I looked up to do this shes so cute! small world!

      Thanks a lot for the support sweety blogging is fun and I keep wanting to do it.
      take care <3

  2. aww thank you so much <3 made me happy to hear that! :3


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