Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tiny productiveness and japan luff

Hello there!
Its been super cold where I live just now were probably gonna get snow soon waaaaah!
I do enjoy comfy chunky knits and soft fabrics 
with a cup of tea theirs nothing better. -u-

This past few days I have been spending time with my parents and family visited at the weekend.
The house was pretty crazy and for the record I have a huge family.
Was nice to see them since I hav'nt saw them in years pretty much 
I spent a lot of time playing with their kids.

Did you guys have a nice weekend?

Bought sushi the other day oh my goodness I adore sushi its so tasty! 
Im a shameless lover of Japanese food always enjoy it X3
Sadly dont have anyone to go out and eat it with tho boo!

I also figured since Im on my little quest to choose some make up that 
I should look after my skin better to.

My skin is combination skin so I always try to look after it well by eating right 
(ha ha been cheating with little bits chocolate the past few days!) 
And by getting a good skin regime.
I got this stuff because I tend to have large pores on my big nose and they get clogged easily. I have'nt been looking after my skin as much as I should be because the past year was pretty stressful.
But I hope to pick up the pace and must say this stuff makes my skin feel amazing and it already looks cleaner. 
And it wasnt that expensive either good stuff!

The top of my drawers is such a mess and cluttered with products and gifts. 
I tidied it all tonight and threw away all my old stuff and brushes it felt good!

This was a bday gift from my lovelys parents I've always secretly loved the Harajuku range from 
Gwen Stefani and have crushes on the Harajuku styles.
Her hair is made of velvet the cutest bottle ever btw!

I also figured that if i end up moving out and go to uni i should learn to cook great meals like my folks!
Was meant to start this last year...whoops!

Been taking notes of all my parents dinners when weve been making them its been awesome and tasty.

You guys any fave food or recipes?

I have been productive in other small ways around the house with all this kinda stuff. Ive also been helping my parents clean the house and other little odd jobs I mean to do months ago.

And yes...I have been drawing a little even tho other things keep coming up.
These are sketches for a project im doing with a local writier. I totally should meet up with him soon but i dont want to empty handed gah!

I plan to colour and play with different media with the characters and see how it goes.
I also have bday presents and vday presents to buy soon waaaaah!
I hope to get more art done this week for this project and hopefully some personal art before I have to visit friends and my lovely again.
I hope to show you guy more lovely things if youd like and some art.
All your blog posts and art have been awesome guys cant wait to see more and comment more!
Take care.



  1. AHHHH! I love your posts so much! You always have so many lovely pictures. I should really post more piccys too, it might make my blog more interesting. *steals sushi*

    I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and anything Japan really haha. My younger sister always refers to me as her Asian sister ha!

    It is nice to see you are working on your drawings and such. I should really practice on eyes too. Mine always tend to look so lifeless. BlAH! Anyways, always looking forward to your posts :) Take care dear!
    Love Star*

  2. Oh my *blush* I keep trying to be a good blogger hee!
    Yeahs pictures are nice i try to take my camera everywhere with me now X3

    Ha ha oh wow thats really awesome yeahs Japans really cool they have their own thing going its good.

    Yeahs working on drawings sorta i dunno whats up with me these days with creating. Eyes can be so tricky XF
    thank you so much for the lovely comment and sticking with my blog.
    Take care <3


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