Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Powdery chalk and how it made me love being alive!

My cold is nearly all gone! Away with you shoo!

Thats me back home after visiting friends and my lovely it was an awesome possum time!
While I was there I decided to finally buy cheap chalk and go draw in a random place I've been wanting to do that for months and probably will again in the future.
It doesnt look like it but wind was blowing so hard and I felt terrible and my hands were so numb could barely draw.
But it just reminded me I was alive and I'm very loved and know awesome people in real life as well as online.
Everything is better with friends even doing "chalk graffiti" and the fear of getting arrested.

Ok ok I know I swear its only gonna happen this "onece

Feel compelled to make this a meme picture and write in that big blocky writing "SOON" sorry Tesco garage.

 Why do the last two pictures look like really akward boy band pictures...?

Mr seagul caught us well have to deal with him.
Whoever did this is a champion.

And our hero's walk into the sunset.

It was a truely magical afternoon I had so much fun doing such a simple thing. And what else I noticed was that simple thing let us all forget our worries for about an hour. And made us not dislike anything or anyone anymore it was truely amazing.


You guys should totally try it then show me your chalk drawings and masterpieces we could totally change the world one chalk drawing at a time!

I left this for others who would want to join in and be beautiful when we left.

I also had an awesome night out last weekend the first since halloween! Should totally show pics sometime if your like that sorta thing.
I also have bought some lovely things and really would like to show you in more detail the beautiful gifts I got recently.
Other Bloggers have been inspiring me to post more girly things and its catching fast.

Been submitting work online to art universities it really can be so draining but hopefully it will get done tomorrow. Then I can start working on more projects again and get some serious gaming done ha.
Got so many video games as gifts at christmas and bday.

Also thank the heavens for the new commenting system on blogger!

Talk soon guys


  1. Oh my goodness! Where you live is so beautiful Debby! Was! Looks like a perfect day!!!!
    I like your chalk drawings!!!!
    Your so beautiful!!!! ( Its me LOL I forgot to login. TT TT )

    1. ha ha
      Thats were my lovely lives, i go up to visit where he studies often.
      It is very beautiful up there tho!
      Thank you, you should do chalk drawings to! I need to get back to you about that pokemon tea party. I keep jumping between blogger and Deviantart @o@
      Nah im just getting old and silly ha ha!

  2. Yay! I am so happy you are feeling better! Being out with your friends is just what you needed after such a horrid cold.

    The pictures you took are lovely. It seems like you and the guys have a lot of fun. Do you have many girl friends who you hangout with? I only hangout with guys for some reason. Most girls find me...boring perhaps? Whatever the reason is, I do not have many gal pals...

    Oh OH OH! I want to see more picture of pretty things or anything at all :) Cannot wait to see some more projects.


    1. Thank you lots my sweet.
      I actually dont have many girl friends at all. I mean with the girls i talk to in real life their pretty cool and i dont mind girls.
      I have more friends online like you guys that are girls ha ha.
      I dunnos I tend to like video games and not care if i look pretty 100% of the time around everyone. I wish i did care more about my apperence or could be more girly but im not good at it.

      Or i dunnos i tend to get weird vibes from some girls sometimes, like its this silent judging thing if that makes sense?

      I took some pictures today of my attempts at trying to be more girly i'll post them soon!
      I really need to be more active on DA again its embarrassing.


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