Friday, 6 January 2012

A little late bday blog

Oh my! 
Its been a strange few days ive been all over the place and catching up on sleep. But my bday on wed was truely amazing and wonderful. My family and my lovely are far to good to me i got so many amazing surprises and presents. Im far to spoiled and far far far to lucky!

And i cant beleave all the bday wishes i got over facebook and deviantart i was totally overwhelmed that so many ppl remembered my bday!

Thank you so much everyone it made me so happy and forget my troubles!

Time to bombard you with bday piccys nyah! 83
This was a cake made by my lovely and his sister. If you dont know me im a huge Beatrix potter fan and this was the theme of the cake. 
Its soooooo cute feel like i cant eat it! How can you eat something this adorable! D8

His sister makes cakes as a hobby and small bussiness and his Mum has her own Sewing shop.

She also has an Esty!

My amazing sister who also makes cakes made me a Beatrix Potter cake also. How amazing is it that i get 2 cakes for my bday im truley blessed! If i could i wish i could send you all a piece cause theirs so much hee hee!

The detail is amazing even Jeremy Fishers fishing line has a little hook at the end! 
Such a beautiful cake its a crying shame it cant be kept forever as a ornament. 
My sister plans to start her own cake bussiness this year so watch this space for it! She can make the most amazing cakes and shes to modest to admit that. <3

These were all my gifts waaaaaaah i got to many things and didnt ask for anything! D8
It's overwhelming you never really know how much people can love you and i try not to take that for granted. 
Every. Single. Day.

Even got clothes from River Island from my big Bro and i never buy anything fancy for myself!
Even my lovelys family surprised me with gifts gaaaaaaaaaaah 

Still waiting to hear back whats happening with the University application really hope it all goes well im not sleeping from worrying ha ha!
And a completely random double bday party has been planned later next week and hoping to see ppl ive not seen in ages!

Also made changes to the Tumblr. 8F

Onwards and upwards! 
Bring on the love and life to the full!



  1. Happy birthday (two day late)! it's unbelievable how people are able to make such intricate and detailed cakes. glad to hear you had a great day!

  2. @Graciela Alaniz

    Hello there!
    Thank you so much for the bday wishy!
    It is amazing im very luck to know such talented people.
    Also thank you so much for the follow and comments their such delights! <3


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