Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy new year everyone with a belated xmas post and coming back

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a good one and had an awesome christmas!
 Did you get all the things you wanted?

Felt it was time to shake the cobwebs from the blog and other various sites. Do you like my little picture frames of love and links at the side @o@ --->
Got so happy i can still do html by the by thought it was lost in a black hole lol!

This year was quite crazy pretty much half was bad and pretty much half was good. But as always its been a learning experience and being the Capricorn I'am, I'm ready to take on the new year as a busy beee!
 I'am woman hear me roar!

Been down as of late because a lot of events involving my new job have came up and it did ruin my holiday mood. But hopefully it will get sorted for this new year.
 But new years are always a time to make fresh starts, resolutions and new adventures. 
And I plan to do just that and by doing so I'll be blogging again and trying to be creative again.

I know now that i was trying to do far to much and posting to much the same things on my little corners of the web.
So that will change from now on and ill pace myself better and learn to enjoy blogging and art again.

Oh my oh my I got so many gifts this year when i barely asked for anything. For the record i have a huge family and Christmas is the biggest time where they show me how much they care and love me. 
I'm pretty blessed and I'll always be grateful and always get more excited to give them their gifts hee hee!

I got Moleskin sketchbooks for the first time ever ever ever! Their pretty special but not decided what to draw in them. Why does this always happen with beautiful sketchbooks?!

 One of my sisters gave me a whole bunch of stuff all pretty in a basket its so amazing i dare not disturb its beauty!

Been trying to apply for university and seeing how it will go and my birthday is on Wed. Theirs no plans for anything next year really but hopefully a bday party later in Jan will happen.

So many choices and thoughts about new year resolutions but will put them down to 4

1) Just gonna take things as they come and try to enjoy everything at my own pace.
2) Try to love myself and balance that out the same with others in my life.
3) Be creative again and not be afraid to show it and work on new projects.
4) Do what makes me happy and not worry about what might or might not happen.

What are your resolutions going to be?

Hope this year is awesome for you all and thanks for the support and web love!
Talk soon


  1. YAY! I am so happy to see that you are back. Cannot wait to see your posts and your art. Btw I love your new layout, especially that owl! Your presents are lovely too. I did not get many this year but what I did get was quite nice. One day I plan on getting a moleskin book as well, but at the moment I just have to use what I got :)

    Take care Debz! <3 Talk to you soon.

  2. Such beautiful presents!

    Look forward to reading your blog in 2012 :) xx

  3. Starlen:
    Thank you so much hunny im so glad you like the new layout!
    Im glad you enjoyed christmas to! Yeahs i still dunno what to put in the sketchbooks lol! I'll get there soon.
    take care my lovely <3

    Hello thank you for comment i really liked all your christmas presents to sooooo nice!
    I look forward to your blog to! Happy new year <3

  4. I'm liking resolution #1 about doing things at your pace, I know for blogging I won't be the type to post everyday, but I want to blog more, but blog good stuff. I look forward to seeing more from your blog this upcoming year!

  5. @Graciela Alaniz
    Yeahs i feel this is the most important and the one that was hardest to learn.
    Were only human and shouldnt make ourselves stressed and take on to much.
    Your blog is beautiful i'll look forward to your posts!
    thank you so much for the lovely comments! <3

  6. Your tree so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love your tree!!!!!
    I am so late an answering to this! ;A;!


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