Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gasping for air and the future

(Edvard Munch the sick child)

The painting above pretty much describe's how I've been feeling from Tuesday night and throughout this week with a super nasty flu! 
From loosing my voice for 3 days, headaches, temperatures, dizziness, with bad tummy's and bad sleep pattern.

 Its been a barrel of laughs!
So much that a bday night out was canceled and Ive had no lovely pictures to show you of me having fun and such.
Hopefully I should get better in the next few days its stopping me from doing much of anything bleh!

But good news is that that's my university application away and now I'm awaiting if anyone will accept me ha ha!

I really really want to get back into drawing and making things again like I was before this awful cold.
I even tidied the study room in our house to do art in it just last week and started working.

Miss it so much but had good company while being ill with watching movies, playing games and getting lots of cuddles.

Chips and gravy nom nom nom nom! 
So British!

Its 7.22am here and I cant sleep and my thoughts and the internet keep me company and its very nice.
Probably should take more medicine soon...

Have you guys had a nice week?



  1. Oh I am certain that after your horrible cold you will bursting with sooo much energy you will easily put out some art!

    I like the pictures of your work area...mine is a big mess hahah!

    Oh and the chips and gravy is not only British, it is big here in the states. I used to sell a lot of them like that at the diner I used to work at :)

    1. @Starlen
      Im feeling a lot better now thank you apart from sore throat.
      Hee hee thank you but mines gets in a mess just as much ha ha! You should totally take pictures of your space!
      seriously?! when I was over in the states everyone thought I was weird for asking for that >_>

  2. I love Munch. It's so clever the solutions he found to express himself.

    Wherever the Sunset is

    1. Oh my I so happy you enjoy his work to! He's one of my biggest inspirations in the art world <3


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