Friday, 27 January 2012

Attempts at being a girl and should be drawing

Yeahs the title is exactly what this post is about.

I finished doing university things and now i just have to wait and see how things go.
Instead of being arty which I should be doing and drawing away I wanted to just take lots of pictures instead.
Been inspired by fashion bloggers and how interesting people are in general here.

I was taking these on the way to the post office it was so hard cause people kept coming a long the path and im to shy waaaah!

I look more like a boy than i do a girl and I actually really like being androgynous.
People also think that im sick or anorexic which is a little sad.
I went to the beauty store today with a giftcard i got as a present. And cause im so rubbish at being girly I was super overwhelmed by all the makeup and colors. Also the workers in the store kept bothering me and watching me like I was gonna steal.
Must look so shifty with my...coat and satchel.
I'll try again maybe soon and try not to be such a social fool.
Anyone got any suggestions for makeup products or you got any favourites?

This was the rest of the outfit im starting to get hips only took 23 years ha ha! Also taking pictures of yourself indoors is not as pretty but less promblematic.
The Jumper was a bday gift from my bro its really comfy.

Im getting old but I guess its okies and i do have make up on but i try not to wear to much. Fail attempt at being girly ha ha
Need a new haircut.... man!

The necklace is a gift from a very awesome person in my life. And incase anyone doesnt know me well I adore deers! I have so many clothes and accessories that have to do with them their so awesome and beautiful!

These are my brogues they say hi!

These are pringle socks from my lovelys Gran and incidently their probably the best made socks I've ever had. I would recconmend socks by...crisp/chip brands if their is such a thing.

Speaking of brogues...

Yeahs....I never thought I would buy anything sparkly or glittery clothes wise in my life I got these for the night out last weekend. 
I actually love them to bits and they were so much fun dancing in!

Was still wasting time and not doing any art so owls were painted on my nails instead.

Sorta owls more like peguins. ^OvO^

Im failing more at being a creative person than being girly here oh dear...
I realleeeeeeeeeeee need to draw/paint and check everyones messages on DA soon.

Jumper: River Island
Jeans, belt, brogues: Primark
Necklace: gift
Coat: George (bday present)


  1. I love love love this post! You do quite well at being feminine, though you say you feel shy and not so girly most of the time. You are beautiful and your style is your own. That deer necklace is wonderful! I haven't seen anything like that around here or I would have snatched one up to. You should definitely keep taking pictures. As for the fashion/shopping. Go by yourself. Take your time. Relax. Things will go well for you :3

    Love Star*

    1. waaaaah thank you so much sweety *so much luffs*
      I like to try to be girly here and there cause i used to hate being a woman.
      It can be tough cause I was always the tomboy and like growing up I was the girl that didnt get hips or much of a chest like the other girls.

      Yeahs I always get such lovely things as gifts people are to kind.
      Yeahs my poor camera has been neglected boo I will take my camera more often with me.
      Yeahs I will try my best next time hee hee thanks for the lovely compliments and advice. *huggles* always awesome to hear from you <3

  2. I am ever so slightly in love with both pairs of brogues! I also adore your necklace :) You look lovely. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely comment as well. It really brightened my day. I hope to hear more from you :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Bee im really glad you like the brogues!
      *blushes* Thank you so much for the comments!
      Your very welcome its always fun reading your blogs! I'll try not to be as shy when commenting in the future. <3 take care

  3. WOW!! We're totally in love with those glitter shoes!! Amazing!! Btw thanks for your comment.

    Wherever the Sunset is

    1. hee hee aww Im so glad you like them to! thank you so much for the comment <3 and your very welcome sorry i dont comment enough!


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