Tuesday, 1 November 2011

things are to tough just now

It's exactly what it said's on the tin things are pretty tough just now on the home front.
I've been really exhausted lately emotionally and physically so much that its been even more tough to keep up with such a simple thing as blogging a few days a week.
And making new work to show has just been as difficult, sorta had a tiny break down yesterday from how stressful everything is.

As much as i love Blogging and being online with my work and sharing/talking to you all...i need some space to get my head better and figure out things in my personal life. Its a shame cause things were going so well for a few months there now its sorta spinning out of control again.

Its also something I cant do anything about cause its a person in my family that has problems and we are all helping them but they wont help them selfs and its getting to the point were its getting far to cope with. Theirs a lot of added stuff going on around it all as well that i need to sort out.

Don't worry tho cause i will continue Monday Muses with artists/friends that were entering or still interested in doing it when i feel comfortable enough to come back.

I really want to show you guys all the stuff ive been doing and working on but its just to much for me right now.

I will come back soon tho and i hope everything is well with you all and ill do my best to catch up with all your art and lives when i can.

Take care all

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