Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Working and Wishing on art Wednesday: Halo stop motion and sneak peaks

Oh dear its been so long since I've did any descent art work or much to show really. Yet I do have lots of little projects I've been working on slowly.

Settling into a new job has gave everything new perspective, in a strange state of mind where I'm not exactly happy nor sad. 
Its so strange not having to worry about money for the last 3/4 years and to not have excuses to be able to move forward with things I've always wanted to do. But at the same time nothings really changed, still in my tiny room with my family trying to think how to sort out my families issues and slowly trying to be creative again.

Jobs wont solve all your problems and i don't see why everyone thinks its so important to have one or why everyone puts such importance on money. From what I've learned so far money causes more problems than helps anyone, it helps your house/flat and bills but it doesn't really make anyone happy.

Even the richest people in the world it wont make them happy their to busy worrying about how to spend it all or to make them self's more powerful or doing crooked things.

And eventually the novelty of buying things with money wears off pretty quickly.

~Rambles Rambles Rambles~


I don't mind so much that my art projects have taken a back seat been concentrating more on trying to be an adult if their is a such a thing. And I want to make my family happy more than anything but its easier said than done.

Lack of human contact as well doesn't bother me much either, bitterness sometimes surfaces but i let it go gracefully. Don't really have friends and the ones I'm suspose to have contact has taken a back seat as well not because i don't want to its just life has been so busy but I'm comfortable with it being busy and not being so social.

Have noticed more and more tho the older you get as a woman and if your not single no one really has any interest in you to even really talk to you apart from your partner or if you make contact first. Theirs always weird vibes when i make my little train travel up to were i may go to Uni.

Maybe its because I'm not really open with everyone like i feel i should be, if everyone knew a lot about my personal life tho it would probably make them pretty depressed lol!
Or maybe i make people feel uncomfortable especially men...dunnos if its cause im ugly or cause im to thin and im harsh on the eyes or they think ill suddenly break in half cause skinny woman can look so fragile.

Thats actually a pretty funny mental image oh my hahah!

I really need to get back into painting and making stories it was a nice comfort zone and probably should get back into comics and photography which i shall do.

~Work Work Work~

A few months ago I worked on my first stop motion animation with my nephew I'm guessing everyone knows about the game franchise


My nephew adores this game series and mega blocks the toy company did a competition to make an animation with their toys. And then everyone was to vote and the winner would get lots of awesome stuff!
To vote tho you had to become a member of the toy site and i know everyone its far to lazy to do that so i never bothered to post it earlier for people to vote.

It was a lot of fun and i did it more for my nephew and artistic value more than anyone.


Theirs some chubby fingers and tape in there but it was all good fun! waaaaaaah!

It took two months to make that tiny film between me and my nephew it was tough work but its all good!

I've been doing some drawing and project making on the sides and currently making my Halloween costume.

Guess who I'm going as NYAH!?!

Anyone else dressing up?

god it felt good to get stuff off my chest! See you guys on fashion friday!

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