Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Muse: Insaneinsightz

Hey everyone im back with Monday muses!

If anyone else still wants to be a Monday muse please answer 
the same questions as a comment or note!

Its nice to be blogging again even tho i have a cold now from my
first shift of work boo! But golden girls and tea make it better. So ill be
trying my best to get back into art and back to you all.

This week is the lovely!

1) What’s your name/username/artist persona? Izzy. Just Izzy. ^_^

2) How long have you been doing/interested in art? I've been taking artistic pictures since I was about nine years old. Of course, they weren't so great back then, and I've matured in my photography a lot, but it's been one of my passions or a long time.

3) What media do you like to use or are currently using? Almost always it's photography. I write and draw quite a bit, but usually for personal things. My photography is what I'm most public and confident about.

4) What do you like to show or convey when you make new work? I like to portray the beauty of simple things. Nearly everything in the world is beautiful and unique in the right situation and lighting. c:

5) What do you enjoy creating the most? Photography that will inspire someone, or make someone smile. 

6) What influences you such as other artists/styles/muses? I read a lot of fiction, and this is one of my main muses, along with music and my family. 

7) Are you working on anything just now or plan to in the future? I'm more of a spontaneous photographer - if I see something beautiful, I take a picture. Although recently I've been playing around with carbonated bubbly water... o

8) What are your dreams and goals? I've always wanted to be an author, ever since I was little. But as it pertains to my photography - I've wanted to branch out and become a portrait photographer. Right now, though, I don't have the resources for this, but I'm completely content with a nature hobbiest photographer. c:

9) Any Advice for other artists or readers? Don't get discouraged. I've gone through a lot of lulls - any of my +watchers can tell you this. Sometimes, life gets in the way of doing what you love doing, but don't ever really /quit/. If necessary, take a break. But never quit.

10) Where can internet peeps find you or your work on the web? Just deviantart... Hehe... 

You can find her here!

Heres some examples of her work!

Thank you my lovely for taking part its been a pleasure featuring you :hug:

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