Friday, 21 October 2011

Hello again I'm back

Long time no blogging! 
Goodness me I have been so ridiculously busy and away sorry about that!
Dude what the hell happened to blogger it’s so slow and rubbish now!

Well training in York was interesting in the past two weeks I have learned how to use a fire extinguisher, how to lead a blind person, conflict avoidance training
(this is Britain after all!)
Hygiene health and safety, how to push and work a trolley, talked and met a lot of really awesome people, gawked and gushed over cute houses and mid evil architecture, filmed a silly film in my hotel room cause I’m lame like that and much much more.

Also learned a lot about what it’s like to truly be on your own with no family or friends in a cold hotel room in a place you love. It was an interesting experience as a human.

I took pictures to show you guys.

 We made a little friend at a cosy pub we love you Poppet! Her owner was a really nice man who liked ghosts and had interesting stories.

Drawing was attempted but it was tough, was ill a lot on training and couldn't sleep in the hotel beds.

I'm starting my new job tomorrow and I DO have art and projects to show you guys but its been so tough to  put them online. But my blogs are lonely and I'm lonely for my readers and friends online.

I'll try my best to update again next week starting again with Monday muse for you guys who were waiting!
I hope to catch up with you all soon with new art and lovely things and surprises! 
I'm also going to be working on my Halloween costume as well!

I'm away to start my first shift with half an uniform ha ha!

Talk and catch up with you all soon! 

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