Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Working and wishing on Art Wednesday: Be my monday muse's and finally what ive been working on!

For starters are you interested in an artistic interview about you to be posted on various networking sites with examples of your work?
If that answer is yes oh please go to this link and all shall be explained! Theirs no time limit apart from that i 'll need some interviews done in time for monday muses or i'll have to start messaging everyone the questions ha.

This is just to give everyone lots of chances/ways to do this.

Come on! it will be fun and its spreading the art love!


Offt okies back to arty smarty ness!

If you follow me on the internet and my art youve probably noticed that ive not posted much of...that lately.
But this is because i have been working lots on stuff off the computer and keeping it away from your eyes and was getting better at the time.

So here it is all the stuff ive been working on and tonight im on a high of how much things have gotten better so here we go.

* Number one got news tonight that the tiny canvas i entered for art project is on show at a tiny cafe in Ediburgh im so pleased!

Check out their blog is awesome!

Looks so lovely and quaint need to get my butt down there and see it myself!

* Number two ive been working on 4 paintings for quite some time for a local art show next month (i'll post news about it nearer the time) Ive went and got them printed and framed and they were picked up today and oh my i couldnt be happier with the results!

Youve seen one of them before but ive tweaked it since then and each piece is based on the 4 seasons and humans relationships with nature. A bit cliche but wanted to try my hand at different colour palettes/settings/consistancy/painting techniques/studying humans and animals.
I shall post them propperly soon and ive to hand them in next week yippeee!

* Number three ive sadly not did much photography wise as ive been concentrating a lot on my painting/drawing more. But i have been getting really interesting in experimenting with photography as i always do at some point.

 Over the past few months i have been collecting old cameras and putting film in them and fixing them this is purely an experiment. But i want to see how the photographs come out from weird lenses/techniques. I plan to also get an under water camera and take pictures in rivers and the like. I hope to be working on these better and developing the film for my neglected photography account on DA.

*Number four ive been working on a stop motion project with my nephew using his Halo megablocks toys. Its been intresting and fun considering ive not did stop motion before but were nearly done and i'll totally post it when its finished.

*Other than that i still do my little fashion friday notebook and collab with writer. Also been cleaning out my room and art space riddiculously cause it really needs it and has been neglected.

Found so much art supplies and work from yesteryear! Need to work out my space better so i can work on stuff more again cause my poor esty is really neglected and ran away from home boo!

  Meet my floor with clothes on it.

Kermiee! Kermiee! Kermiee!

Taking tips on storage and organisation and colour!

Colour is also very important for making art and they have full colour charts in this book and its been an interesting lesson.

Time for some more de cluttering and getting back into more art and fun times!
Autumn is coming i cant wait bring on the pretty leaves nyaaaaaaa!

See you on fashion friday and i'll love you forever if you be part of my monday muse!

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