Monday, 12 September 2011

Movie, Music, and Muse Monday: Starlen Fawkes

Hello their this is the first monday muse featuring artists/friends!
If you would like to be featured as a monday muse please go
to any one of these links that has all the info and answer the questions!

Blogger questions


This weeks is that of the lovely miss Starlen Fawkes!

Meh by ~xAnimeApplex on deviantART

1) What’s your name/username/artist persona? 
Starlen Fawkes

2) How long have you been doing/interested in art? 
Since I could hold a pencil

3) What media do you like to use or are currently using? 
I normally just do graphite drawings but lately in the past few years I have my hand at digital.

4) What do you like to show or convey when you make new work?
Normally I create something when I am sad or really happy. So you can probably find emotion in my work

5) What do you enjoy creating the most?
Characters who can live in a magical world far more lovely than our own.

6) What influences you such as other artists/styles/muses? 
Debz often influences me to try hard to do what I love. The change of the seasons and dreams also inspire my work.

7) Are you working on anything just now or plan to in the future?
I would like to do a series of paintings with the subjects being ballerinas dressed up as different types of birds.

8) What are your dreams and goals? 
To be able to draw everyday

9) Any Advice for other artists or readers? 
Draw everyday and never think "my work is not good enough". Your work is wonderful. Period.

10) Where can internet peeps find you or your work on the web? or

Examples of work:

The Rose Eater by ~xAnimeApplex on deviantART

The Lead Magician by ~xAnimeApplex on deviantART

Shizuka by ~xAnimeApplex on deviantART

OOPS? by ~xAnimeApplex on deviantART

Thank you my lovely! Cant wait to do everyone as a monday muse!
see you on working on art we.

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