Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Muse: Wallmaster

Hello! here we are with another monday muse featuring artists/friends!
If you would like to be featured as a monday muse please go 
to any one of these links that has all the info and answer the questions!


This week is the smashing Wallmasterr!

1) What’s your name/username/artist persona?
Alastair Low/wallmasterr

2) How long have you been doing/interested in art?
Since I wished on a star to be good at it when i was little.

3) What media do you like to use or are currently using?
I used to scribble in pencil anywhere but it got tiresome, then I got a tablet pc which brought the spark of drawing back for me :D. Im also heavly drived towards 3d art , favourite program is blender.

4) What do you like to show or convey when you make new work?
Something that I think looks cool, has a nice composition and Im happy with.

5) What do you enjoy creating the most?
3d models

6) What influences you such as other artists/styles/muses?
Jamie Hewllit
hand Drawn
Cartoon styles, clone wars, storm hawks. etc

7) Are you working on anything just now or plan to in the future?
Yes , or course. all things in the air thenow and some top secret projects. sh...

8) What are your dreams and goals?
I want to be part of a team that makes fun nice looking games.

9) Any Advice for other artists or readers?
Practice and watch loads of tutorials, even just have them on in the background. and take the digital form in to real 3d aswell, make a real modle out of clay or somthing.

10) Where can internet peeps find you or your work on the web?

Examples of work

Thank you my lovely! Cant wait to do everyone as a monday muse! 

see you on working on art wed 

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