Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday Muse: Dustin

Hey here we are with another monday muse featuring artists/friends!
If you would like to be featured as a monday muse please go 
to any one of these links that has all the info and answer the questions!

This week is the awesome Dustin!
1) What’s your name/username/artist persona?

2) How long have you been doing/interested in art?
-since around primary school

3) What media do you like to use or are currently using?
-i enjoy traditional media but work on the computer alot more...mainly photoshop and indesign

4) What do you like to show or convey when you make new work?
-good design mixed with eclectic playfulness

5) What do you enjoy creating the most?
-advertising design, multimedia and web is alot of fun too

6) What influences you such as other artists/styles/muses?
-i get influenced by everything!!!

7) Are you working on anything just now or plan to in the future?
-right now working on my senior show for college

8) What are your dreams and goals?
-good job, or to become super rich and not have to work ever again ha

9) Any Advice for other artists or readers?
-never give up. even if you feel lost or uninspired, just keep at it and youll find your niche. it helps to have friends with the same interests to do collabs and such!

10) Where can internet peeps find you or your work on the web?

Examples of work
Thank you my lovely! Cant wait for the next batch of answers.

Had a icky cold lately and will be starting my new job next week, hopefully can get rid of it by then. ;n;

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