Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This is one out of 4 pieces ive did for a local exhibition which starts next week.

Heres info about the show!

The show will start from 24rth of September and will continue till 12th of November.

Its an art show and local craft fair with random things to do at it and most of the money from buying the art or gifts/crafts will raise money for RedBurn School which is a special needs educational school.

Heres their facebook

It took me a while to do this series which i like to call the

"Fruits of nature series"

wow not catchy at all :la:

But this series was about expanding my painting techniques especially in water colour and researching British nature/wildlife.

Wanted to challenge myself to draw things i dont usually draw as well and work on my symbolism with emotions and our relationship between nature and humans.

This is probably also the first set of consistent pieces of work ive also done.

I hope you enjoy them :heart:

Watercolor pencil

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