Friday, 23 September 2011

Fashion Friday: New Job, New Room, New show

I had a job interview allllll the way back in July and got told i got the job on the 17 or so of July. I will be finally starting the job in a couple of weeks including trainging in York. Dont really know why its taken so long its been dis-hearting.

Got to see old friends recently and catch up it was nice and fun, started playing monkey island and the Alice maddness returns game. And a random vampire PC game its been okies so far even tho i little complicated.

Instead of doing a fashion/girly item this week decided to show you my new room. My parents were kind enough to get me a new bed and a new shelf and make my room pretty. Ive had my room and bed in a cluttered way for years so it really needed it.

Oh the things that have happened in this room.

Since i have became a book hoarder and collector of odd things over time i did need the extra shelf space.
Things such as ornaments and my Beatix Potter collection but thats for another time and another post.

Hoorah new bed!

Birdie curtains always the best! Like a boss!

 Im sure i will enjoy my Now on to fix the art room and it will not be kind.

Also the Charity Exhibition im in starts tomorrow so excited!

I made tinfoilroses and bussiness cards for it to be taken for it.

 If i dont see you there hope you have a good weekend, see you on Monday Muse!

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