Friday, 2 September 2011

Fashion Friday: Moving doodle and less stress

 Wore this when was helping lovelys move flats a couple of months ago the top was a gift and it is lovely and sweet. Craving to move out myself but cant till my job gets sorted or i dare tread the dangerous world of uni and life.

Thing are a little less stressful because of lovely company and some less things to get finished as i pick up my framed prints next week. I still always wonder what i do wrong as a blogger *le sigh* maybe i dunno how to make friends/arty friends even online.

Wore this today the belt came from a charity shop and the dress/top is meant to be for 13 year old's dunno if thats a good thing or not. least it covers my lanky arms and gives me invisible curves. Need a haircut as well but been to busy to even get one waaaah!

So full of food today and spent a relaxing day playing strangers wrath and guinea pigs. Made home made pizza and had a blankie with me all day. Had quality time with my lovely's family as well which made such a nice change from home and hiding in my room.

Karboot tomorrow and getting home by night to sort things out at home whoopee!
Hope you all have a good weekend! <3

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