Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Working and wishing on art Wednesday: Sunny hat and tiny update

Hey ho lets go! 
Thats me finished my paintings for next months art show and i got them printed and their beautiful im really chuffed! Their getting framed just now and ill pick them up next week hoorah less stress and labour of love!

I'll reveal them in all do time haha!

As a more positive update its been rather Gloomy and getting chilly in Scotland so wanted to spread a little sunshine. I tend to make crafty things other than paint here and there and ended up doing this.

It was an old straw hat we had laying around collecting dust and was falling apart. Mended its broken bits with glue and gave it a shiney new ribbon and bow!

Made a flower out of petals and stuck tiny beads that look like shells in the middle to give it a unique edge. I have so many bits and bobs laying around that are so pretty and never get used so i jump at chances to make crafts like this.

I added some buttons to ksecure the ribbon more and to add some charm, im not the best sewer but im trying (failing). Gave my sewing maching a go aswell with my ugly doll from a while back its still ugly but yay for sewing maching ha!

I also still want to do presents for the ppl who supported me recently through the bad times. I'll totally have to note/comment you to talk about that or if you have any ideas lemme know!

See you on fashion friday.

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