Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Working and wishing on Art Wednesday: Tiny canvas project

Been doing lots of art or trying to behind the scenes for various projects and trying to keep my spirits and mood up enough. Randomly along the way was invited to and given a canvas for a small showing in a cafe in Edinburgh.

Bistro Cafe Water of Leith. August Tuesday 30th, Deadline 29th
This is their blog.

They ask artists and organise projects for them all to contribute a little something based on a theme.
For the one ive contributed to everyone was given a 5x7 canvas to make anything we desired on it. This times theme was "something that makes us happy."

This has been a difficult subject for me because of unhappy home life and its effects.
But i feel expressing whats on the inside is useful and turning a negective into a positive energy.

Sorry its so negective dont want it to be but it does help to let stuff out. It also looks like a lot of my older work in my DA account gallery.
I'll hopefully update next week with something nicer.

Acrylic paint

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