Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion Friday: Body shapes and update of the world of debz

Wore this for my trip to york and had no sleep from family drama *n* that was a while ago man!

Theirs been a lot going on in life outside the interwebs which has led me to not take care of myself propperly which can be bad anyone especially when a new hair cut is long over do!
So ive been changing my lifestyle a bit more to make sure im happier again and eating a lot healthier.
Which has been a lot more things with fruit and veg, green tea, brown bread, nuts, more fish 
(which i adore to eat especially salmon nomnomnom!)
Ive also been starting to think a lot about what clothes i have and my style which im more worried about having an art style nevermind a wardrobe hee hee!
So for a while i was looking for a clothes style book to help with my choices and i found one in a charity shop that was perfect!

Now this book might not be for everyone but it does make girls feel good about them selfs it bases your style based on your shape not weight or any body bits were embarassed about. It helps you choose what clothes are best suited to your shape and recommends different shops and also tricks and tips on how to alter clothes you already have.

It puts all womans body shapes into 12 different types to help you know what your body shape is.

After looking ive found my body type is that of a Cornet shape which means my shoulders is the broadest part of my body compared to my bust, hips, or chest. Which would explain why ive been mistaken for a boy in the past. 
And sadly because i am thin people have thought i have anorexia or hinted i have in the past which i was surprised to find it states thats what people think about this shape in the book.
And also what was true is my biggest problem when getting clothes is my arms! My arms are so long and lankly many sleeves are to short for them and look silly! XD

*ahem* enough about my silly body shape which will be boring you to tears lol
But yes i have been using this book for advice on what clothes are better for my shape and im a lot happier with my choices and how to work fabrics and colours to my advantage. Its made me feel a lot better about my boyish figure and more womanly which has helped my depressive-ness by my familys drama.

I got this shirt the other day for a mere 2 pounds i love it very much the colour and fabric feels so soft and compliments my skin tone and the ruffles give curves that i dont have. And i feel a lot better about the value of my bargains and peace of mind when i walk away with a purchase. 
And im a lot more happier to show you my clothes and style and be brave enough to show you more outfits eventually.

I would reconmend this book if your having trouble about style or body confidence.


Art wise ive been terribly busy with doing art for next months art show in my home town and also have been invited to do a canvas collab. While working on personal art for enjoyment and drawing from real life for a portfolio and been meaning to catch up with a local writer for a collab ive been doing. Been nothing short of busy busy and slowly being happy again. 
I hope to update with some art next week!

Hope you all have a groovy weekend and take care.

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