Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dont know what to say

I honestly dont...been a bit absent from blogging because a lot of bad stuff has been happening at home and its been very horrible to deal with cause its a problem that we thought was better. It effects the whole family and our lifestyles which is why ive found it hard to blog or be online much at all.

It's been stopping me from making art as well which is at the worst time cause im doing a collab with a local writer, trying to build up a portfolio to apply for uni next year, an art show next month and also it effects my blogging such as my working and wishing on art wedensdays and enjoyment in life.

Im also starting to beleave maybe blogging is wrong for me i feel im a terrible blogger and im just not all that great at being one or how to be a better one even tho i limit my post updates to muse mondays, art wedensdays and fasion fridays.

Maybe im doing to much or not working hard enough i wish i knew what i was doing wrong cause i must be to have terrible things happen to me and my family.

I hope to get better soon to tired of stress and clutter in my mind and rooms.

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