Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Working and wishing on art Wednesday: Sunny hat and tiny update

Hey ho lets go! 
Thats me finished my paintings for next months art show and i got them printed and their beautiful im really chuffed! Their getting framed just now and ill pick them up next week hoorah less stress and labour of love!

I'll reveal them in all do time haha!

As a more positive update its been rather Gloomy and getting chilly in Scotland so wanted to spread a little sunshine. I tend to make crafty things other than paint here and there and ended up doing this.

It was an old straw hat we had laying around collecting dust and was falling apart. Mended its broken bits with glue and gave it a shiney new ribbon and bow!

Made a flower out of petals and stuck tiny beads that look like shells in the middle to give it a unique edge. I have so many bits and bobs laying around that are so pretty and never get used so i jump at chances to make crafts like this.

I added some buttons to ksecure the ribbon more and to add some charm, im not the best sewer but im trying (failing). Gave my sewing maching a go aswell with my ugly doll from a while back its still ugly but yay for sewing maching ha!

I also still want to do presents for the ppl who supported me recently through the bad times. I'll totally have to note/comment you to talk about that or if you have any ideas lemme know!

See you on fashion friday.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Movie, Music, and Muse Monday: Countryside and Cottages

When i get older i feel ive always wanted to live in the country or country side, i could shed tears looking at how beautiful nature and animals are sometimes. Sad as i am lol i guess its all the lush greenery and elements that make everything seem so free and peaceful.
I long for days to live in a little cosy cottage in a field or maybe near the sea thats not completely out of man kind but just far enough with internet connection ha! 

Would spend my time baking and making sweet treats with flour and jam, sewing crafts and looking after various animals near by or that i would keep. And most importantly making art and be able to make it in some beautiful attic filled with antiques of my life or outside in the sunshine.
Would have little chickens clucking away nearby and little ducks swimming in the river or pond among the flowers and butterflys.

Would be so simple and lovely for me would make me so happy and i tend to dream of it a lot more now after wanting to leave home with a suitcase last week. Not knowing where i would go or what i would do but was that desperate to get away from the stress.

"In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cozy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location. However there are cottage-style dwellings in cities, and in places such as Canada the term exists with no connotations of size at all (cf. vicarage or hermitage). In the United Kingdom the term cottage also tends to denote rural dwellings of traditional build, although it can also be applied to dwellings of modern construction which are designed to resemble traditional ones."

You can visit me for tea and treats when i get there.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Fashion Friday: late doodle and big buttons

Another outfit from the trip to york it was so hot that day phew but beatrix potter shop made it all groovey!
So tired been running around trying to get paintings done while juggling family stress/relationship stress/job stress. 

Theirs been a lot of sales going on which is grand.
Pretty summer top that was only 3 pounds = awesome.

Wasnt to sure about this one but after trying before buying and insistence from mother it was so.
The thick straps also break up my really sticky outy collarbone that could poke your eye out yikes!

Have a soft spot for big buttons and flowers their so cute.
I'm tired from stress and painting to much so going to go and curl up and watch the tale of Despereaux.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Working and wishing on Art Wednesday: Tiny canvas project

Been doing lots of art or trying to behind the scenes for various projects and trying to keep my spirits and mood up enough. Randomly along the way was invited to and given a canvas for a small showing in a cafe in Edinburgh.

Bistro Cafe Water of Leith. August Tuesday 30th, Deadline 29th
This is their blog.

They ask artists and organise projects for them all to contribute a little something based on a theme.
For the one ive contributed to everyone was given a 5x7 canvas to make anything we desired on it. This times theme was "something that makes us happy."

This has been a difficult subject for me because of unhappy home life and its effects.
But i feel expressing whats on the inside is useful and turning a negective into a positive energy.

Sorry its so negective dont want it to be but it does help to let stuff out. It also looks like a lot of my older work in my DA account gallery.
I'll hopefully update next week with something nicer.

Acrylic paint

Monday, 22 August 2011

Movie, Music, and Muse Monday: Evelyn and Evelyn

Things are still pretty rough at home when they seemed to be getting better. But i still want to try doing what takes little bits of the stress away. Last week i went to the fringe in Edinburgh and was the first ive been anywhere since all the trouble with family matters. The day helped take away worries but things got rubbish when i got back home.

BUT! I saw Evelyn and Evelyn at the Fringe and oh my they had to be picked for this week!

Wiki Tells us:
Evelyn Evelyn are a musical duo formed by Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley. According to the fictional backstory described by Palmer and Webley, the duo consists of conjoined twin sisters, ("Eva" and "Lyn" aka) Evelyn and Evelyn Neville, who were discovered in 2007 by Palmer and Webley. The twins are actually portrayed by Palmer and Webley.

Here some facts!

*About a year ago Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley received Myspace messages from the most unusual profile either of them had ever seen – conjoined twin sisters, both named Evelyn. Intrigued and charmed, they began corresponding with the twins hoping to lure them into the studio. The result is an EP that sounds like something the Andrews Sisters might have recorded if they had grown up in the circus listening to new wave music.
—Jason Webley

*Lyn and Eva Neville were born in September of 1985 on a small farm in Western Kansas. The girls are Parapagus Tripus Dibrachius twins, conjoined at the side and sharing between them three legs, two arms, two hearts, three lungs, and a single liver. Orphaned when their mother died in labor, little is known about their early life until 1996 when they made their first public appearance with Dillard and Fullerton’s Traveling Circus. It was here that the “Evelyn” sisters developed their love of song and performance.

*In 2007, the band released a 3-song colored 7" vinyl along with a 6-track CD titled Elephant Elephant which was released in a limited edition of 1,111 copies on Jason's label (11 records); it quickly sold out. The package also contains Amanda and Jason's story of how they met the Evelyns, as well as the process of recording the vinyl, and a sticker of the two-headed elephant, Bimba & Kimba.

They were turly funny and tragic their show is just so beautiful and eye catching, it really is a treat if you want to see something beautiful and a little strange. You wont be afraid you'll be captivated and interested in their odd but wonderful story and songs and the way they play instruments. 

I'll leave you with this little cuteness!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Fashion Friday: Body shapes and update of the world of debz

Wore this for my trip to york and had no sleep from family drama *n* that was a while ago man!

Theirs been a lot going on in life outside the interwebs which has led me to not take care of myself propperly which can be bad anyone especially when a new hair cut is long over do!
So ive been changing my lifestyle a bit more to make sure im happier again and eating a lot healthier.
Which has been a lot more things with fruit and veg, green tea, brown bread, nuts, more fish 
(which i adore to eat especially salmon nomnomnom!)
Ive also been starting to think a lot about what clothes i have and my style which im more worried about having an art style nevermind a wardrobe hee hee!
So for a while i was looking for a clothes style book to help with my choices and i found one in a charity shop that was perfect!

Now this book might not be for everyone but it does make girls feel good about them selfs it bases your style based on your shape not weight or any body bits were embarassed about. It helps you choose what clothes are best suited to your shape and recommends different shops and also tricks and tips on how to alter clothes you already have.

It puts all womans body shapes into 12 different types to help you know what your body shape is.

After looking ive found my body type is that of a Cornet shape which means my shoulders is the broadest part of my body compared to my bust, hips, or chest. Which would explain why ive been mistaken for a boy in the past. 
And sadly because i am thin people have thought i have anorexia or hinted i have in the past which i was surprised to find it states thats what people think about this shape in the book.
And also what was true is my biggest problem when getting clothes is my arms! My arms are so long and lankly many sleeves are to short for them and look silly! XD

*ahem* enough about my silly body shape which will be boring you to tears lol
But yes i have been using this book for advice on what clothes are better for my shape and im a lot happier with my choices and how to work fabrics and colours to my advantage. Its made me feel a lot better about my boyish figure and more womanly which has helped my depressive-ness by my familys drama.

I got this shirt the other day for a mere 2 pounds i love it very much the colour and fabric feels so soft and compliments my skin tone and the ruffles give curves that i dont have. And i feel a lot better about the value of my bargains and peace of mind when i walk away with a purchase. 
And im a lot more happier to show you my clothes and style and be brave enough to show you more outfits eventually.

I would reconmend this book if your having trouble about style or body confidence.


Art wise ive been terribly busy with doing art for next months art show in my home town and also have been invited to do a canvas collab. While working on personal art for enjoyment and drawing from real life for a portfolio and been meaning to catch up with a local writer for a collab ive been doing. Been nothing short of busy busy and slowly being happy again. 
I hope to update with some art next week!

Hope you all have a groovy weekend and take care.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Movie, Music, and Muse Monday: CocoRosie

Back with Monday muse! Feeling a lot better and have so many things i want to show that muse me very much!
But this week as a must i have picked the band CocoRosie since been spending long hours at night watching random videos about them.

Let us be reminded of how wonderful magic and childhood is.

Wiki tells us:
 CocoRosie is a musical group formed in 2003 by sisters Bianca "Coco" and Sierra "Rosie" Casady. The sisters were born and raised in the United States, but formed the band in Paris after meeting for the first time in years. Their music has been called "freak folk", and incorporates elements of pop, blues, opera, eletronicia, and hip hop.

Heres some facts!

* CocoRosie began as a duo, with Sierra singing, playing the guitar, piano and harp, and Bianca singing and manipulating various children's toys, electronic and percussion instruments, as well as other exotic noisemakers. They subsequently added various backing musicians, usually a bassist, keyboardist, and beatboxer.

*Sierra Casady was born in Iowa, and Bianca was born in Hawaii. When Sierra was about 5 years old and Bianca 3, their parents separated. The girls lived with their mother, Christina Chalmers, an artist and singer of American indian and syrian ancestry who grew up in Iowa. They moved to new towns almost every year, living in Hawaii, California, New Mexico, and Arizona.

*In 1998, at about age 18, Sierra moved to New York City. Two years later, she moved into a tiny apartment in the Montmartre district in Paris, France, to pursue a career as an opera singer, studying at the Conservatoire de Paris. During this period, Sierra lost contact with Bianca, who was living in New York City. Bianca studied linguistics and sociology, and pursued her passion of visual arts and writing.

*n 2003, Bianca was growing restless and decided it was time for a change. She left her apartment in Brooklyn to travel the world. Unexpectedly, she showed up at Sierra's apartment in Paris. Over the course of the next two months, the women spent nearly every waking hour in Sierra's bathroom, chosen as the most acoustic and isolated room in the apartment. Soon, they had completed their debut album La maison de mon rêve.

Cocorosie are such a mystery and i hope they always stay one so they will never loose the magic spells they put over me. Could listen to them in a quite old house with spider webs and taxidermied animals staring into the twilight. Or in a field or the side of a riverbank in the sunshine and flowers with tiny fishes hiding below me. They help my art a great deal and love for life very strong.

This is a documentary about them and other artists that are beautiful, watch if your an enternal child.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Lets start again

Lets start again

Would be lost without some very beautiful souls that make me beleave in myself and my arts worth. My problems are very trivial and powerless compared to their wonderful spirits and kind computer text words.

Thank you for being my rays of light in the black mass. Will continue normal blogging again by next week and i want to do presents for you all.
Will talk soon and check out your new work. <3

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dont know what to say

I honestly dont...been a bit absent from blogging because a lot of bad stuff has been happening at home and its been very horrible to deal with cause its a problem that we thought was better. It effects the whole family and our lifestyles which is why ive found it hard to blog or be online much at all.

It's been stopping me from making art as well which is at the worst time cause im doing a collab with a local writer, trying to build up a portfolio to apply for uni next year, an art show next month and also it effects my blogging such as my working and wishing on art wedensdays and enjoyment in life.

Im also starting to beleave maybe blogging is wrong for me i feel im a terrible blogger and im just not all that great at being one or how to be a better one even tho i limit my post updates to muse mondays, art wedensdays and fasion fridays.

Maybe im doing to much or not working hard enough i wish i knew what i was doing wrong cause i must be to have terrible things happen to me and my family.

I hope to get better soon to tired of stress and clutter in my mind and rooms.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Movie, Music, and Muse Monday: Anatomy

As an artist Anatomy becomes a very important part of our technical skills when we study the human form especially in life drawing classes with live models. The human figure is a very important tool as we all have one and its always being studied and used for artistic, medical, media and in our every day life.
Because this is such a broad subject to discuss in a blog entry I've narrowed it down to a book that every artist and medical expert should have.

 After searching for quite some time for a old and useful medical book i happened to find this in a charity shop and was smitten. Its very very heavy reading but endlessly fascinating and inspiring its one of the most beautiful books I've ever owned for reference.

Wiki tells us:
Gray's Anatomy is an English-language human anatomy textbook originally written by Henry Gray. The book is widely regarded as an extremely influential work on the subject, and has continued to be revised and republished from its initial publication in 1858 to the present day. The first edition of the book was called Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical, but its name is commonly shortened to, and later editions are titled, Gray's Anatomy.

 Heres some facts and scans of the book

*Henry Gray (1827 - 13 June 1861) was an English anatomist and surgeon most notable for publishing the book Gray's Anatomy. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) at the age of 25.

 *Gray's Anatomy is an English-language human anatomy textbook originally written by Henry Gray. The book is widely regarded as an extremely influential work on the subject, and has continued to be revised and republished from its initial publication in 1858 to the present day. The first edition of the book was called Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical, but its name is commonly shortened to, and later editions are titled, Gray's Anatomy.

*The history of anatomy has been characterized, over time, by a continually developing understanding of the functions of organs and structures in the body. Methods have also improved dramatically, advancing from examination of animals through dissection of cadavers (dead human bodies) to technologically complex techniques developed in the 20th century including X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI imaging.

*Anatomy should not be confused with anatomical pathology (also called morbid anatomy or histopathology), which is the study of the gross and microscopic appearances of diseased organs.

Here's Henry Gray what a handsome fellow he was meow!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who's artist or interested in our Anatomy.

(Also must confess doing this post was difficult for me theirs a lot going on at home that's really getting me down and I'm finding it hard to talk about or do more art. I'll try my best tho.)
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