Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Working and wishing on Art Wednesday : deformed unfinished doll and back from York

Hey everyone York was so lovely i had a really good time, it was a nice break from my heavy heart and busy mind. Its so beautiful there even tho some things did go wrong and sadly met a few rude people.

Ive been back since last thursday but ive been running around like a silly goose! Waiting on job phone calls/looking for work, getting through family problems, trying to understand why im not a good artist or how to become more skilled, and also helping friends move to a new flat.

Exhibit A!

Me on Monday night at like 11.30 (such a night owl! fail!) helping carry peoples stuff and a blanket. Yes i do have a Zelda hat on.

So yeahs its been a strange and busy time im seriously considering Uni and moving into a flat. I have another job interview on friday but i dont want to be hopeful cause then i get disappointed lol!

Here is a doll i have been working on as a sort of...test? Maybe to just try out doll making shes not the most lovely but she is sweet and will whisper delicate things once shes finished.
I hope to try out the sewing machine ive had sitting so lonely aswell very soon on her.

On a happy note i found a Beatrix potter shop in York it made me so filled with glee.

Exhibit B

Hope everyones been alright and happy making art i'll try to catch up with you all and your work.

Take care
Debz <3


  1. it is very lovely there i should post more pictures sometime of it! <3

  2. York is a well cool place! I love the BP shop - spent too much £$£$ there though :)

  3. @Dithreabach
    Im so glad you like it there as well it is so lovely! Waaaah yay another BP fan how awesome. Yeahs the shop is expensive ;n; i collect BP things <3


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