Friday, 15 July 2011

Fashion Friday: When in Dunkeld and harry potter

Wore this to Dunkeld when i dropped off my prints *tear* lol and saw the beatrix potter exhibition eeeeeee! made me so happy i should post my adventure their sometime. I should do a lot of things sometimes!

Decided to paint my nails like ladybugs for fun i usually dont do anything like this and its not great but its a first attempt. Never paint my hand nails any different colours cause im always concerned it would effect my image when i go to job interviews. But i dont seem to be getting any jobs anyway so what the hell! wheeeeee i am woman!

I saw the last harry potter film as a midnight showing last night was so epic, I cried so much and felt so gripped by the whole movie. Its weird having one of the biggest franchises in this decade end in a way and im not even a very big harry potter fan. But i do take any chance to dress up and have fun.

Not even got the right costume but don't care i had my fun and what a weird way to leave this post...HA!

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