Friday, 8 July 2011

Fashion Friday: Nice new teeth and nail varnish

Wore this when i got my front teeth fixed at the dentist. It was sore but worth it, it sadly was cause another dentist made my teeth worse but its all fixed now.
yay! 8D

The t-shirt was a gift from someone very lovely gotta love zombie birdies!

I got this free in one of the only fashion mags i read and their always giving away pretty things.
Sadly i think that will come to an end since it came with news of the world paper.
The world is so crazy and scary sometimes.

Dont really know how the job interview went today i always say the wrong things at them ><
I keep trying but starting to get bored and discouraged about jobs.

I really need to make more art and try harder, im always so tired.

Take care <3

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